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Our Trained Technicians Will Restore Your Tallahassee Home After A Fire Disaster

6/5/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Trained Technicians Will Restore Your Tallahassee Home After A Fire Disaster A fire in this Tallahassee kitchen began on the stove, the hood of the stove and the cabinetry were charred by the fire.

Fire Odors in a Tallahassee Home Can Come From Many Sources

One of the most common complaints we get from local homeowners about fire odors in their residences is that the odors may have remained in their homes for many years, sometimes since before they ever purchased their homes. Smoke odors can, depending on the volume and type of smoke in the building, take decades to fall to unnoticeable levels. Given that smoke odors can bother those in and around your home and potentially decrease property values, investing in a permanent deodorization treatment may be worth your time.

Fire damage in Tallahassee homes can come from many different sources and may pose unique challenges even to SERVPRO technicians certified in fire damage treatments by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Different types of smoke produce significantly different particles that may require variable mixtures of absorption agents, adsorption agents, and other odor-neutralizing chemicals to treat. Over the years, however, we have learned to treat fire odors from sources ranging from long-term tobacco use to large-scale house fires that can affect the entire building. Telling us over the phone what type of situation caused the odors can help us to prepare adequately for the work to come.

Some projects may pose additional difficulties due to the volume and spread of smoke particles throughout the home. Significant fires or long-term tobacco use can cause smoke odors to spread throughout the air vents in your home and lead to a more prolonged and extensive odor removal process. SERVPRO technicians also receive IICRC certifications related to the cleaning of your home HVAC systems and can use this training to eliminate odors that might otherwise circulate around your home. We provide full and total coverage for your home when eliminating odors of any kind, leaving the place looking and smelling "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of North Leon County specializes in reversing the effects fire and smoke damage can have on your home. Call us as soon as possible after a disaster at (850) 536-6599 for our 24/7 services.

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Tallahassee Fire and Soot Problems? SERVPRO Is a Premier Cleaning and Restoration Company--Ready to Help

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Tallahassee Fire and Soot Problems? SERVPRO Is a Premier Cleaning and Restoration Company--Ready to Help Even SERVPRO Cannot Restore Every Fire Damaged Chandelier in Tallahassee--But Most, We Can!

Structural Content Restoration after Fire Damage in Tallahassee

A minor or medium scale fire usually causes damage to structural components that requires professional remediation. Unlike contents, structural components are fixed in place which can make them awkward to clean correctly. Gaps that can be penetrated by smoke but are tough to access also could create an odor issue in your home.

We provide expert restoration of cabinets, attics, lighting fixtures, insulation, windows & glass as well as drapery rods and fixtures that have suffered from fire damage in Tallahassee. Each of these structural components presents a unique challenge for restorers, and here at SERVPRO we continually develop approaches to ensure an efficient service from start to finish.

The kind of approaches we develop incorporate the latest technology as well as care and attention to detail. Chandeliers, for example, frequently require detailed cleaning due to decorative trim or color. Our technicians can use steam cleaning to restore onsite, or pack the chandelier down and send it for ultrasonic immersion cleaning. Once the restoration is complete, we can re-assemble it in its preloss condition.

Cabinets present a different challenge due to their fixed nature. It is also not uncommon for cabinet interiors to be unfinished woods which means standard wet cleaning methods could cause further damage. For the inside of your fittings, we can apply dry cleaning to remove soots and place odor neutralizing pellets inside the cabinet. We can also drill small holes to create airflow in case any residual moisture from the firefighting procedure is left behind.

Fabrics including curtains, furniture covers or clothes can often assimilate soots and become difficult to clean with household appliances. SERVPRO has Esporta washing machines capable of removing up to 99% of soiling from fabrics. We make an inventory of any items requiring a pack-out and can restore them to your property once cleaning is complete.

Getting your structural contents back to preloss condition is our specialty. Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 today.

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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Tallahassee Fire Damage

5/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Tallahassee Fire Damage Fire damage can leave smoke remnants lingering in your home. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation help.

Fire Damage can Leave Your Windows Blackened in Tallahassee

The scene of a fire with smoke spewing out of windows and firefighters' vent holes in the roof does not always mean the complete loss of the home. Even smaller fires can cause smoke to pour out of open windows. This often causes neighbors in Tallahassee to call the fire department and check to see if they might help in some way. SERVPRO advises our customers never to re-enter a burning house and to leave such dangerous activities to the fire department.

Once the firefighters extinguish the flames and check to rule out any hot spots that might restart a fire, SERVPRO can check your house for the severity of fire damage in Tallahassee. When a fire stayed contained in a single area of a home, the rest of the home merely needs extensive cleaning. The windows in these areas, as well as mirrors and other hard, smooth surfaces, often contain high amounts of carbon residue. This black soot can also contain other components from plastics and other synthetic materials that burned during the fire.

Replacing windows in otherwise undamaged areas can impose unnecessary expenses on the homeowner. Cleaning these structural elements of a home while we also restore more seriously damaged areas of your house reduces your expenses and helps your family get back to normal routines faster. Reducing your overall costs means your budget also bounces back more quickly.

Our ability to clean these items without their removal also keeps your home more secure against vandals and looters. Our presence during the time we work can help deter curious teens and others who want to see what a fire damaged house looks like, protecting both them and your family's belongings.

There are many aspects to a fire, and how it can affect your home. When we clean the interior and work on removing damaged items, we take these different issues into consideration of how they interact with other parts of the mitigation and restoration process.

SERVPRO of North Leon County can help get your family's home back to its preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (850) 536-6599 to find out more about our services, training, and our dedication to our neighbors in Centerville, Meridian, and Miccosukee. Fire damage of any degree needs professional specialists who can safely restore your home.

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We Have The Equipment And Training To Handle Your Tallahassee Fire Damage Restoration

3/15/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage We Have The Equipment And Training To Handle Your Tallahassee Fire Damage Restoration When your home has suffered from a fire you can rely on our experts 24/7 with the restoration process call us right away so we can get started.

How Advanced Training Improves the Outcomes in Restoration of Fire Damage in Tallahassee

A fire incident can happen anytime considering the number of likely sources in a house including stoves, electrical equipment, and even chimneys. Whatever the cause, taking remedial action immediately after the fire is out can make a significant difference to the outcome. Choosing a team of restorers with advanced training in fire and smoke restoration helps in many ways.

Many incidents of fire damage in Tallahassee also includes aspects of water damage especially if the blaze is big enough to involve the fire department. As water is sprayed into the property to suppress the flames, it soaks into any porous materials in the vicinity including carpets, wall materials and contents such as upholstery. Our SERVPRO technicians can tackle different aspects of water damage including extraction of standing water and drying moisture from materials using advanced equipment and skills.

Once the fire is out, you are left with many types of wastes in the property including charred item remains and residues such as soot on surfaces or airborne particulate matter. Removing such wastes requires different approaches. Removal of larger items charred by the flames requires physical strength. Our SERVPRO technicians have no problem doing this since we work as a team. Removal of residues requires skills because the heat from the fire opens up pores in materials embedding residues deeper. We use powered multi-surface scrubbing equipment and professional cleaning agents to remove residues from surfaces.

Fire damage leaves different types of damages on surfaces either due to the action of heat, flames, and residues. Restoring materials affected in the blaze instead of replacing them can help reduce the overall cost of the process. Through the use of advanced techniques such as soda blasting, our SERVPRO technicians can restore slightly charred furniture surfaces effectively. We also understand how different residues affect materials. For example, soot tends to be acidic causing rust or stains in metallic and stone materials respectively. We remove such residues from surfaces at the earliest possible opportunity to prevent such outcomes.

After a fire incident in Centerville, Lake Lamonia and Meridian areas, call SERVPRO of Leon County to help restore your property. You can reach us at (850) 536-6599 any time.

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How Fire Damages Your Tallahassee HVAC System

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Fire Damages Your Tallahassee HVAC System Your HVAC system can circulate smoke and soot damage throughout the house.

Cleaning Your HVAC System After a Fire in Your Tallahassee Home

Combustion in some area of your Tallahassee property can create both smoke and flames, both of which can present substantial concerns for the entirety of your house. When you factor in that many homes utilize their air circulation appliances almost continually, it is often running whenever the fire breaks out. This added variable allows smoke odors, residues, debris, and other airborne concerns to travel to every room in your house from the source of the fire via the ductwork.

Cleaning up the fire damage and present debris in your Tallahassee home is a vital component to beginning restoration. Among the chief concerns with the cleanup is any health hazard or potential risk for our technicians on site or others that might come into contact with the area. Removing buildup and residue from the ductwork system can help to reduce the continued spread of the damage and keep the bulk of the restoration work to occur confined to the area where it happened.

This process begins with a thorough inspection of the HVAC system affected by the recent fire. Much like our traditional cleaning efforts for this area of your house, we visually inspect and use equipment to determine the full extent of the damage through unreachable areas of your ducts. Once we can determine the problem areas, our SERVPRO technicians bring out the equipment that is necessary to clean out the HVAC system thoroughly.

Bristled brushes that can get extensively extended get used to help break apart buildup and sediment caked to the walls of the ducts. These brushes can get attached to a drill base to offer more power and precision for cleaning set in debris. High powered vacuums seal over floor grates or ceiling grates to clean large portions of the system without the mess.

Reducing the buildup and trapped dust, debris, smoke residue, and particulates within the system allows for our professionals to better prevent the spread of fire damage throughout your home and helps to allow later the HVAC system to run more efficiently. Give our SERVPRO of North Leon County rapid response team a call to help with any emergency at (850) 536-6599.

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SERVPRO (Pan)Handles Tallahassee Properties After a Fire Loss

10/1/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO (Pan)Handles Tallahassee Properties After a Fire Loss Tallahassee Houses, Fire and Smoke Damage, Now What to Do?? SIMPLE Call SERVPRO

Widespread Effects Following a Fire in Your Tallahassee Home

One of the things that Tallahassee homeowners try to prepare for is the threat of natural disasters in their home. With the severe weather systems that steadily work through the region through over half of the year, these disasters are never far-off possibilities. It is the disasters that happen inside of your home, causing widespread concerns that are challenging to overcome that can catch you even more off-guard. A fire breaking out in your residence is an excellent example.

You might not realize just how much fire damage can affect your Tallahassee residence until the situation is upon you. From the immediate threats to the structure of your home to substantial secondary effects to contend with, a homeowner can often find themselves overwhelmed at the thought of what it could take to return their home to the way it should be.

From the moment that our SERVPRO team appears at your door, we start assessing the full scope of the damage that the house has sustained from the disaster. With fire damages, the effects rarely remain isolated to the origination point of the fire. Instead, these effects travel through adjoining rooms and areas, even through the ductwork, to influence many regions of your house.

Among the most challenging and widespread of these effects to overcome, even for our experienced and well-equipped SERVPRO technicians, is smoke and soot damage. These symptoms of the fire travel well beyond the range of the primary effects and can alter not only the open areas of the house but also its contents and construction materials. While soot can often get cleaned with conventional approaches, locating it throughout your house can be a chore, even with our sophisticated equipment. Smoke damage often presents itself as the harsh odor throughout your house, and this can get addressed with the use of thermal fogging deodorization equipment, at least. There may be a need for ozone generated molecules to neutralize foul odors.

Fire damage only gets worse the longer that you wait to repair and restore the effects in your house. Trust our SERVPRO of North Leon County technicians to help you recover from this incident and restore its damages efficiently, "Like it never even happened." Give us a call anytime at (850) 536-6599.

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Handling Loosely And Firmly Attached Smoke Particles After A Fire Damage Incident In Tallahassee

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Handling Loosely And Firmly Attached Smoke Particles After A Fire Damage Incident In Tallahassee After a fire damage incident, you need to know the items you can and cannot refurbish.

A Fire Damage Incident In Your Home

After a fire damage incident, you need to know the items you can and cannot refurbish. It is time you need to seek professional advice as you work towards returning your property to its former state. Working with fire restorers can help you reduce further damage and in the process avoid the costly option of replacing restorable materials. We are outlining how we handle the different forms of smoke residues when such events happen in Tallahassee.

When responding to fire damage incidents in Tallahassee, our SERVPRO technicians begin by performing an inspection. During the inspection, we can determine the types of smoke residues and the extent of the damage. It helps us to establish the most appropriate cleaning services and restoration procedures to use. Remember, all fire events are unique, and they require professional expertise and the use of logic to salvage items and restore your property.

To remove the residues from surfaces, our SERVPRO technicians must use appropriate capturing techniques that are either fluid or air-based. Vacuuming and dissolving are the two common processes that we use when capturing and removing the smoke residues. We prefer vacuuming when the site has dry particles which are loosely attached to the surface. If we introduce moisture at this stage, the surface may absorb them and end up being hard to remove.

After we are through with vacuuming and all the loose particles have been captured, we then loosen the bond of the firmly attached particles by dissolving. Once we have suspended all the residues in a cleaning product, it is time to rinse the surface. The type of smoke particles as well as the surface they are attached to usually helps us to select the cleaning agent we use to dissolve the particles. We use solvent based cleaning agents when we are dealing with particles that are not water-soluble. It's also important to note that some surfaces can get additional damage when cleaned by water or solvents.

At SERVPRO of North Leon County, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster be it fire, water, storm, or mold damage. Call us at (850) 536-6599 for our highly trained technicians to offer you 24-hour emergency services.

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Cleaning Actions For Fire Damage In Tallahassee Homes

7/6/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cleaning Actions For Fire Damage In Tallahassee Homes The SERVPRO Green Fleet: We're Faster To Any Size Disaster--The Fire & Smoke Cleanup Specialists in the Tallahassee Area

SERVPRO Provides Fire & Smoke Options for Cleanup and Restoration

Tallahassee homeowners usually deal with floods much more often than fires. If left untreated or poorly cleaned, the residues left by a fire can cause as much or more damage than a tropical storm.

Cleaning up Tallahassee fire damage means breaking the bonds between the residues and other soils that settled on the various surfaces in each affected home. SERVPRO restoration technicians use four different actions to break these bonds, tailoring each one to the surface to prevent any further damage.
First, there is the Mechanical Action. Agitation is effective in dislodging residues and soils from many surfaces; metal, stone, and hardwoods in particular. Technicians also use it as a pre-cleaning method to remove the bulk of dry, non-greasy soils before applying a cleaning agent.
Once our specialists begin cleaning, using an agent for a Lubrication Action can be very useful. The goal here is to use the cleaning agent to make the surface slippery, so the residue or other soils slide off the surface without affecting it. Depending on the chemical agent they use, specialists can dissolve the residue or isolate it in the cleaning agent, away from the personal or structural property.
In some instances, SERVPRO technicians have to use a Chemical Action to alter the residue. After they change it, they remove the residue or other soils with one of our bleaching agents or a concentrated shampoo. This method is used primarily on fabrics and carpeting to prevent colors from bleeding while also removing stains. It is especially useful on cotton and wool carpets and upholstered furniture.
Finally, there is the Suspension and Dispersion Action. It is the most common action our restoration teams use. Specialists use one of the cleaning agents in our inventory designed to loosen the soils from a wide variety of property. Once loosened, the soils become suspended in the solution which then disperses them throughout, preventing clumps from forming. They eventually dissolve in the solution, and our clean-up teams dispose of them.
These methods take time, but when accomplished by a professional restoration service like SERVPRO of North Leon County, they can return your home to its original condition. If you need our services, call us today at (850) 536-6599 to schedule a visit.

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Understanding The Full Extent Of Fire Damage In Your Tallahassee Home

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Understanding The Full Extent Of Fire Damage In Your Tallahassee Home With the variety of ways that fire can begin unexpectedly, it serves as one of the most devastating events for a homeowner.

Fire Damage In Your Home

Among the things that pose the most significant threat to your Tallahassee home, it is challenging not to include a fire around the very top of the list. With the variety of ways that fire can begin unexpectedly, it serves as one of the most devastating events for a homeowner. Fortunately, even with more substantial damage, your insurance company insists that the work needed to restore your home gets done professionally.

That is where our team of SERVPRO professionals comes in. From the moment that fire damage affects your Tallahassee home, our team is ready and waiting for the call to head out to your home and begin cleaning up the mess and setting things right. We respond quickly to provide your family with the assurance that our technicians want to get the job finished to the highest quality and in the most efficient of ways.

This process begins with an initial inspection of the affected areas throughout your residence. This assessment determines the work that must get done, the personnel required, equipment necessary, and even a rough estimate on how long the job takes to complete. This information gets shared with the insurance adjuster handling your claim, which can save both time and effort on your end for our project manager or estimator to work directly with the insurance company on your behalf.

This same estimation takes into account structural damages that are too severe to clean and restore as they are. It notates the materials that must get removed and replaced, and if any reconstruction efforts are necessary on a grander scale. Finally, our SERVPRO estimator also takes the time to assess the effect that the fire had on the contents of your home, both what can get salvaged and what has gotten irreparably damaged.

It may seem like a lot to merely discuss the inspection process; it can show you how thorough our team is when it comes to restoring your home after a disaster. You can count on our SERVPRO of North Leon County professionals to get the job done. Give us a call anytime at (850) 536-6599.

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Staying in Your Home After Minor Fire Damage in Tallahassee can Reduce Expenses

4/29/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Staying in Your Home After Minor Fire Damage in Tallahassee can Reduce Expenses Localized fires can offer the homeowner a chance to stay in the home during the remediation. Contact SERVPRO to come out to inspect the damage.

SERVPRO Finds Ways to Help Your Family After a Fire With a Customized Remediation Plan

Many homeowners who experience a fire in their Tallahassee residence lose almost everything, while other people fare much better. A smaller, more localized fire which never spreads can still create a considerable amount of havoc in your life and even cause you to doubt the safety of your home.
If your Tallahassee home suffered minor fire damage recently, SERVPRO professionals can help you and your family. We work with both homeowners and insurance adjusters, so your experience involving your home's restoration becomes less stressful. In the case of smaller fires, many families find they can remain in their own home while we work on just the areas damaged directly by the fire. This requires some preparation that eliminates the smoke damage and its odors in the area intended to become your primary living area during the restoration work. However, staying in your home while restoration helps keep children calm, schedules on track, and medicines, necessary documents, and other vital belongings within your reach.
One of the things we do first includes cleaning excess soot from the most easily damaged surfaces in your home. These include chrome and other finishes on your bath and kitchen fixtures, as well as any other belongings that include a metallic component. Works of art and pieces of American history often contain metal that can quickly corrode when covered by abrasive soot and ashes from the fire.
Even though the soot may seem minor, the effects can become permanent over time, as well as cling to anyone unfortunate enough to wash their hands at the sink before we clean the faucet handles. As sticky as soot seems, it easily transfers to anything touched, making a messy trail rapidly.
We wash the linens and clothing your family needs immediately, and then return these to you as soon as possible. We want to help you as much as possible during this challenging time, so your family can recover faster and with less stress. As soon as we complete the initial cleaning of your undamaged-by-fire living area in your home, our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can eliminate the odors that your family can do without smelling.
Using thermal fogging, our IICRC-certified technician chemically bonds leftover and hidden soot particles to the neutralizing agents in the fog. With spot treatments, fresh scents can soon fill your rooms with odors that your family enjoys. We use safe and effective chemicals that do not cause problems for your home, family or the environment.
Staying in your home after minor fire damage can help save you from the brunt of a disaster. SERVPRO of North Leon County can help you through such a trying event when you call us at (850) 536-6599, our local 24-hour service number. We serve the communities surrounding Centerville, Killearn, and Bradfordville.

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Fire Damage Professionals In Tallahassee Are the Answer

2/26/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Professionals In Tallahassee Are the Answer After the First Responders, Call SERVPRO for Tallahassee Area Fire & Smoke Cleanup and Restoration

The Question Is Who Do You Call for Smoke & Fire Cleanup?

Nobody ever plans on it happening, but sometimes fires start inside a building. If a fire ever starts inside your Tallahassee condominium, the first thing to do is make sure everyone is safe. Next, either you or the fire department puts the fire out so that the danger gets eliminated and the condo is safe to re-enter.

After the fire is extinguished nd it gets confirmed that everyone is safe, it is now time to assess the damage caused by the fire. The best call is to SERVPRO's fire damage experts in Tallahassee to assess and mitigate the damage present. Our technicians are IICRC certified and have experience in dealing with all types of fire damage.
Anytime a fire burns inside a structure, both the heat and smoke ruins contents and building materials within your condo. SERVPRO trains all of their staff to know how fire and smoke behave so that all of the damage created by the fire gets found and mitigated. Sometimes smoke coming from fire affects areas of the home that are not in the direct location of the fire's source.
Due to convection smoke initially rises straight up as the less dense hot air rises and cold air falls. Smoke then heads to other rooms of the structure leaving behind less and less soot the further it travels from the source. The longer a fire burns, the more evenly soot gets deposited onto the walls and ceilings. Smoke often follows the natural air flow inside a building and gets attracted to colder surfaces first. At times the partially combusted particles can ionize and attached to objects like iron filing to a magnet. People often mistake smoke tags (webs) as spider webs. This is often the case with furnace puff back in colder climes.
Sometimes soot collects heavier in some areas of the home than others. As smoke follows the building's airflow, areas near intake vents and cavities above suspended ceilings sometimes attract more soot than in other places. Smoke travels through closed doors and leaves thicker soot deposits in cracks where smoke gets concentrated as it travels past the door.
In some fire damage scenarios smoke damage is found in areas you would not think about. The best solution is to call in the professionals of SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for assistance 24/7.

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Smell Isn't the Only Effect of Smoke in Tallahassee Fire Damage

12/24/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Smell Isn't the Only Effect of Smoke in Tallahassee Fire Damage Contact SERVPRO after a fire in your home so that we can remediate the damage and clean your property thoroughly to prevent finding secondary damages.

Our Technicians Look for Smoke Residue Throughout Your Home to Prevent Secondary Damages

Smoke is one of the most costly aspects of most instances of fire damage in Tallahassee. Smoke creates a pungent odor that is very difficult to mask or remove without powerful treatments. However, odor is not the only problem that originates from smoke damage. Smoke can also damage your home in other ways, especially if left untreated for longer than necessary. Here are a few ways smoke can cause further damage to your home.
Discoloration from smoke may, in some cases, be the single most prominent sign of the fire damage in your Tallahassee home. Some types of smoke leave behind gray and black films over anything they reach. Without treatment, this can severely damage patterned belongings or surfaces such as wallpaper, furniture, and clothing. These films are separate from regular ash and soot, often possessing a finer texture and requiring a deeper clean. In addition to looking bad, discoloration of this variety also often comes with a foul and sticky or slimy texture. SERVPRO technicians use a variety of industrial-strength cleaning tools to remove any visible signs of smoke around the house.
Acid Damage
Many types of smoke are also acidic, especially when combined with some amount of water (even water suspended in the air). Over a relatively short time, this can eat away at materials in your home and cause permanent damage to fabric, wood, metal, paper, and almost anything else. Fast treatment is crucial to avoid as much of this effect as possible.
Clogged HVAC Systems
Heavier smoke particles and larger fires may sometimes clog up your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Most residential HVAC systems operate with relatively weak filters and machinery, and these can fail or get stopped up when too much smoke interferes with their operations. SERVPRO staffs trained and certified HVAC technicians to make sure that your systems can get back online as soon as possible.
SERVPRO of North Leon County is always ready to respond to your call for help after a fire, 24/7. Give us a call at (850) 536-6599.

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Deodorizing Smoke Smell in Your Tallahassee Attic After Fire and Fire Damage from a Candle

10/19/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Deodorizing Smoke Smell in Your Tallahassee Attic After Fire and Fire Damage from a Candle Smoke and Fire Damage and Odors Remediated by SERVPRO in Tallahassee Properties

SERVPRO Manages Fire and Odor Control

Even a small fire in your Tallahassee home can create all sorts of damage to the structure. Fire from a candle in an upstairs bedroom, although gotten under control and put out before it reached other areas of the home, can create unseen damage above the bedroom inside your attic. The removal of smoke and soot is essential, as it is acidic and can corrode items in your home. When the smoke rises into your attic, you are looking at having to get rid of the smoke odor as well.

Smoke odor from fire damage in your Tallahassee attic can be a troublesome thing to clean. Therefore, you need our professional staff from SERVPRO to assist you. Attics present challenges which are unique when it comes to deodorizing them after a fire. Items stored in your attic may have to be moved out so we can determine whether the odors are coming from the contents or your structure. Two materials which are affected in attics are structural materials such as rafters and insulation. How badly the smoke penetrated these materials determines the procedures of deodorization we need to use.
When insulation has been severely affected by the smoke, it may need to be taken out and replaced. If air pressure was low during the fire, smoke residues likely settled on top of the insulation, meaning it could be deodorized by following some simple steps.
First, SERVPRO techs ventilate your attic area to the exterior of the structure, then we spray or ULV-fog a counteractant which is water-based. We then thermal fog your attic and if needed, put a new layer of insulation over the old.
How intense the fire also affected whether structural materials have only light smoke residues, or they are charred and damaged by heavy smoke. We ventilate your attic, then clean the residues before sealing. Smoke odor removal, regardless of burnt elements, requires careful effort, to eliminate and not mask the odors.
SERVPRO of North Leon County can expertly take care of the smoke odors in your attic after a fire. Just give us a call at (850) 536-6599 if you live in the areas of Bradfordville, Centerville, or Tallahassee.

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Localized Blazes can Cause Fire Damage to Homes and Outbuildings in Tallahassee

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Localized Blazes can Cause Fire Damage to Homes and Outbuildings in Tallahassee Fires in garages and sheds are as likely as house fires. Prevent the start of a fire with SERVPRO and contact us after a fire for remediation.

Our Technicians Prevent Fires and Fire Damage By Taking Some Precautions

Although hurricanes leave our area saturated with water, fires can start anywhere in Tallahassee. Gas pipes and power lines do not fare well during a hurricane and fires can spread to nearby structures with ease. Firefighters and their trucks can find themselves delayed by flooding on streets and washed out bridges.
Unattended homes, garages, sheds, and pool houses can sustain extensive fire damage in Tallahassee even when saturated. However, SERVPRO technicians can restore homes and other structures after a fire and smoke ruins them. When gas is involved in a fire's ignition, saturation with water provides little protection for the structures located in the area. Restoration begins with removal of all the damage. Working with property owners, we continue the restoration work, matching trim, paint, and other ornamental details as closely as feasible to the original materials.
When fire claims garages and sheds, the risk of explosions increase because of the increased likelihood these buildings hold stored containers of gasoline, charcoal lighter fluid, or other accelerants. We can clean the area around these buildings after such events, and prepare the area so reconstructive work can proceed safely. Broken shards of glass, bent metal pieces, and wooden beams complete with protruding nails all pose severe safety hazards to anyone present.
Rebuilding sometimes requires demolition to pave the way for new structures, and we can assist with this step of the process. Rest assured, we always salvage everything of value to avoid any wastefulness, protecting our customers' interests as much as possible. We have a network of over 1700 other franchises which we rely on whenever a job requires extra-specialized attention. There is no job too complicated or complex for SERVPRO, especially when we work as a team, either locally or with other franchises. Being your neighbors, we know how Florida weather can affect families in the area and always treat our customers in the manner in which we would want our own family members treated.
At SERVPRO of North Leon County, our technicians know that the fire damage sustained by your home or outbuilding can keep you from using your property as you would like. Contacting us at (850) 536-6599, which we answer 24/7, is the first step in getting your property back under your control.

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Unexpected Fire Damage Hazards in Your Tallahassee Home

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Unexpected Fire Damage Hazards in Your Tallahassee Home Keeping your laptop on a desk rather than on a bed or blanket can prevent it from overheating and potentially catching fire.

Preventing common household items from causing house fires

As homeowners, we are all aware of the dangers of fire. You have most likely heard the most common advice such as get a fire alarm and check it regularly and do not leave hot pans or burning candles unattended. SERVPRO understands that people in our local Tallahassee community want to be fire aware and minimize potential fire risks. That is why we would like to draw your attention to unexpected fire risks that you might not know about.

In the event of fire damage to your Tallahassee home, SERVPRO is on hand to assist with all aspects of fire remediation. We train our IICRC-certified technicians in all elements of fire damage cleanup, including the most appropriate cleaning actions for soot and smoke damage, and the use of thermal fogging, air scrubbers or even ozone machines to eliminate lingering odors.

However, prevention is always better than remedy, which is why we recommend you check for these unexpected fire damage hazards in your home today.

Laptops. You probably already know that laptops can get very hot. As such, they pose a fire risk if you leave them on a bed, couch or blanket. We recommend placing your laptop on a desk or laptop stand, and always switching it off when not in use.

Used charcoal. Have you ever thrown charcoal back in the bag after a barbecue, ready to use for next time? It is a common habit, and many of us do it. However, it can also be dangerous because there is a risk that the charcoal could catch alight and start a fire. That is why it is best to always store charcoal in a metal container with a tightly fitting lid.

Old appliances. As appliances such as kettles, TVs, hairdryers or stereos get older, they suffer from wear and tear. Old appliances might have frayed cords, poor connections, or damaged insulation, all of which can cause a fire hazard. It is a good idea to check appliances regularly and repair or toss any that are showing signs of damage.

Dryer lint. You might not think of your dryer as a fire risk, but in fact, dryer lint can spark a blaze. The heat from the dryer plus the lint is a potential fire starter. SERVPRO recommends cleaning out dryer lint after every use and checking the connecting hose and inside the drum for any stray lint, too.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is on hand to help with any fire cleanup jobs in Tallahassee and throughout the county. Call us today at (850) 536-6599 for assistance.

To learn about the history of the Tallahassee fire department, click here.

Understand What To Do Immediately After Fire Damage Occurs In Your Tallahassee Area Home

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Fire Damage Understand What To Do Immediately After Fire Damage Occurs In Your Tallahassee Area Home SERVPRO Can Board Up and Restore Your Tallahassee Home After a Fire

The Degree of Damage Dictates the SERVPRO Steps to Recovery

Those of you who have faced fired damage on your property before have likely heard that you should never enter your fire damaged home until the proper authorities tell you that it is safe to do so. Even then, you might want to consider waiting for some help before attempting to enter.  

Admitting that you do not know what to look for to prevent additional damage, or avoid injuries after a fire can save you from making a huge mistake. Fire damage occurring in your Tallahassee area home is bad enough, never add to the problem by tromping through damaged rooms and making things worse. Knowing whom to call and how to act after a fire incident occurs in your home can make all the difference.
With your family safe and the fire under control, you want to split responsibilities with your significant other, if you have one. Hopefully, you do because your day or night is far from over. Send one of you off to find temporary housing, make contact with family, friends, and your insurance company. Securing your families comfort for the next few nights, getting the kids and pets out of harm's way. If the damage caused by the blaze is not extreme, then we can rapidly expedite a return to normal.
The other should stay at the damaged home, secure the location, and make it a point to handle contacting a qualified restoration company, like SERVPRO for help. You never want to leave your damaged home all alone after an event occurs. Regardless of how quaint your neighborhood is, looting happens quite often, leading to further losses.  
Once your SERVPRO representative arrives, they can assess the area for damage, hazards, and help you perform a walk through safely, catching a glimpse of damages first-hand and make it clear to you what needs to happen as you move forward. Fire damage itself can be devastating. However, smoke, ash, and soot residue can make everything look far worse and actually be far worse.
Only someone with an expertly trained eye can tell the difference between an item that is irrevocably damaged and one that might be restorable with the proper services. SERVPRO technicians put several years of experience, IICRC certifications, and industrial-grade restoration equipment to work recovering your home and its contents immediately.  
Call us anytime, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. SERVPRO of North Leon County can make the fire damage in your home disappear, “Like it never even happened.” (850) 536-6599 Check this site here for more information.

SERVPRO Cleaning Methods for Fire Damage in your Tallahassee Home

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Fire Damage SERVPRO Cleaning Methods for Fire Damage in your Tallahassee Home Call SERVPRO after fire damage in Tallahassee.

Methods for Cleaning Fire Damage

The threat of a home fire is perhaps the most terrifying of possible disasters. What the flames do not outright destroy, smoke and soot stain and ruin nearly everything else if there is not quick action. Replacing personal contents after even a small fire runs into the thousands and even ten thousands of dollars.

Restoring the contents of your Tallahassee home after fire damage often costs less than total replacement. Not every item is salvageable of course, but SERVPRO has years of experience in the restoration industry and maintains an expansive inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment, as well as a 24-hour response team to make certain your property has the best options available.

The methods we use are the standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Each one has been developed and refined over decades, providing us the best ways to serve you:

Dry Cleaning - Despite the name, this has nothing to do with getting an ink stain out of a shirt pocket. Our restoration technicians use dusting cloths and feather dusters to remove soot and dust and dry sponges to remove particulates and larger pieces of debris from dry surfaces. This method is sometimes enough or is used to remove excess amounts of residues before wet cleaning.

Wet Cleaning - The process uses water, sometimes mixed with a cleaning chemical to remove moderate to heavy soot and smoke residues. In nearly every instance, restorers saturate the item to ensure success.

Spray and Wipe - If an item might be damaged when saturated, technicians use a spray bottle to apply a mist of water and chemical to an affected surface. It is more time-consuming than wet cleaning, but this method provides the restorer more control over the amount of product used. Product control is critical if the surface has a veneer or paint the owner wants undamaged, regardless of how long it takes.

Foam Cleaning - This method works well on many types of furniture and bedding. Restorers use the foam to apply a cleaner directly without using too much product and a lesser amount of water. Foam is especially useful on upholstery dyes that bleed when soaked or fabrics that are more likely to shrink. This method is also excellent for mattresses and box springs.

Abrasive Cleaning - This method uses a mechanical device to agitate the surface of an item. Restorers use this with a cleaning chemical when the residue is very thick, or the surface is very uneven such as some types of stone and marble. Technicians may use a hand brush on small items.

Restoration is a long process, but it is often cheaper and saves property that is more valuable regarding memory rather than dollar amount. SERVPRO of North Leon County is here to help put those memories back to their original state before the fire. Call us at (850) 536-6599 today to begin.

For Baum Properties, Expert Quality Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage For Baum Properties, Expert Quality Fire Damage Restoration SERVPRO Removes Smoke Odor from Your Baum Home

The SERVPRO Approach to Training is Peerless for Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Baum

While recovering your property from fire damage can be rough, obtaining expert quality professional help doesn't have to be. We provide a dedicated professional service that helps prevent secondary damage and reduces the cost of your restoration!
You should accept no substitute when it comes to restoring fire damage in Baum. Our Technicians have the best vocational training and years of experience. Which gives you full access to the highest quality, specialized talent and the best equipment available that works wonders in returning your property to its pre-fire condition.
We make the most of SERVPRO's restore versus replace mentality to help you lower the costs associated with your case. With our Corporate Training Facility maintaining a staff of highly trained Technicians who specialize in property damage restoration. We discard charred building materials to initiate the clean up phase.
The IICRC Training and Certification set high standards that our Technicians at SERVPRO study. These standards and practices are used to provide you with the absolute best in water, fire, mold, carpet, upholstery and other cleaning services. Any soot and smoke residue can be cleaned typically.
Our Drying Technicians learn how to use devices to monitor, extract and dry structures with the most efficient methods available. With practical training to assist in developing their technical drying expertise. This comes in handy after standing water remains after there has been fire damage.
While the Fire Damage Restoration Technicians learn how to navigate different types of smoke and fire damage techniques, they also learn about job planning and quality cleaning methods for instances of both fire and smoke damage. The methods for removing soot, smoke, and odors from HVAC systems is one of our team members skill sets.
There are quite a few highly skilled Technicians that you'll find at SERVPRO and we back up their specialized training with a self-paced Employee Certification Training program.
Going above and beyond; we also provide our Technicians with e-Learning courses for continued, self-directed training that includes videos and supporting materials to enhance the knowledge of our entire staff. Along with 'Continued Education (CE) Classes,' that are available for our fellow professionals including; insurance agents and adjusters, real estate agents, and Franchise employees. We provide you with the absolute best Technicians available in the industry today.
We are ready to provide you with unbeatable service and expert work, call SERVPRO of North Leon County today for your fire damage restoration needs! Locally owned and operated by professionals you can trust. Call us anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week- (850) 536-6599

Common Types of Fire Damage

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Fire Damage Common Types of Fire Damage If you're dealing with fire damage in Meridian, you may be unaware of the many types of problems that can occur once the emergency is over.

Various Types Of Damage That Can Occur As A Result Of A Fire

Home fires are devastating, no matter how the incident started. Once the emergency has been resolved, most people begin the task of picking up the pieces and getting back to a normal routine, but fire damage isn't limited to that caused by flames. Many homeowners are surprised to find that new issues often pop up well after the fire has been extinguished. If you're dealing with fire damage in Meridian, you may be unaware of the many types of problems that can occur once the emergency is over. Here are some of the most common types of damage that happen after a fire.

Smoke Damage
One of the most notorious aftermaths of fire is smoke damage, which will ruin your home's contents and the structure itself if allowed to linger. Our technicians will be careful to eliminate any soot and smoke left in your home.

Structural Problems
One of the most noticeable types of fire damage is structural issues including destroyed walls, flooring, and roofing. SERVPRO technicians are trained to skillfully restore and repair homes after fire emergencies, and we'll develop a plan to get your property back into a safe and habitable condition.

Water Issues
If firefighters were called to your home, the water and solutions they used to extinguish the flames will need to be pumped out. Our team will remove the excess water from your home to prevent mold, mildew, and long-term water damage.

Damage to Electronics
Most electronic equipment, including computers, appliances, and televisions, can be negatively affected by fire damage. If your possessions survived the fire, we will act quickly and decontaminate your electronics.

SERVPRO of North Leon County knows how important it is to restore your home after a fire emergency quickly, and we have the professional tools and knowledge to get your house back into good shape. For an estimate or to get more information about our fire damage repair services, call us 24/7 at (850) 536-6599.

Dangers Present in the Aftermath of Fire Damage

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Fire Damage Dangers Present in the Aftermath of Fire Damage Professional Remediation Can Get Your Home Back To Normal

Let SERVPRO Make Your Property Safe After a Fire

In the event of a fire, most homeowners are only able to grab their most cherished belongings and items before evacuating the building. After the fire has been put out or run its course, it is only natural to want to go back in and see what can be salvaged from the remains. However, caution is advised when doing this, as there may be unseen hazards and dangers everywhere in the burned-out property after a fire. Even if the fire was small and contained, one should still be careful when re-entering the property. Here are some of the dangers you may encounter after a fire in your home.
Twisted, Rusted, and Sharp Metal
Any metal appliances, pipes or building materials in your home may become irreversibly warped during a fire, as they are heated almost to or past melting point and bend under their weight and heat. This can create a number of sharp, dirty edges across the house, waiting to slice open a fresh wound to unsuspecting victims, potentially causing more severe health effects such as infection or tetanus.
Spilled and Melted Chemicals
During a fire, household objects and cleaning supplies may be melted or boiled, potentially creating dangerous pools of liquid or trapped fumes. Although fumes are rarely in high enough volume to cause an issue, victims of fire damage in Bradfordville should be careful in and around rooms which contained cleaning supplies or other chemicals.
Structural Instability and Falling Objects
During a fire, many parts of a home are severely damaged, often including key structural support regions. While these may not collapse immediately, they may be severely weakened after a fire and prone to disaster if improperly handled. Do your best not to lean on walls and pillars, and always be wary of dangerous-looking walls, ceilings, and supports.
SERVPRO of North Leon County is a locally owned and operated business, with key restoration experience in a variety of types of fire damage, water damage, mold damage, and other types of household damage. If you need professional fire cleanup and restoration services in the area, please don't hesitate to call us 24/7 at (850) 536-6599.