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The Telltale Signs of Smoke Damage (and What to Do About It!)

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged furniture fire damage in home

Say you've had a recent fire in your home, but it was mostly contained. You got rid of the damaged furniture, but your home still smells like smoke.

That's because smoke can spread throughout your home even if a fire doesn't. It can ruin your furniture, causing smells and stains that can become permanent. 

Here are some signs of smoke damage to stay aware of.

Signs of Smoke Damage

Lingering smoke damage is one of the many types of fire damage you'll have to deal with. 

Furniture that hasn't been burned can still carry a strong smoke smell. If not cleaned soon, that smell can linger and cause health effects down the line. Both fabric and leather furniture are equally susceptible to this issue. 

Wooden furniture may not carry scents as strongly as other types, but it can still have soot or debris in its many crevices. 

Smoke damage can also present itself on your walls and ceilings in the form of stains. You'll have to clean drywall carefully to prevent mold or damage. 

Be sure to document any damage you come across if you intend on making a smoke damage insurance claim. Most policies cover professional cleaning costs. 

Dangers of Smoke Damage

Fire isn't the only thing that can cause damage to your health and home. Acidic soot can cause metal surfaces to corrode over time. Porous surfaces can develop permanent stains, and appliances can yellow within hours. 

Even though the fire is gone, your furniture can hold onto the fine soot particles long after. Every time you sit on your couch, you could end up inhaling a puff of smoke. So it's important to hire a professional to cleanup as soon as possible. 

Smoke Damage Restoration

In order to avoid a smoke-damaged home or health effects, you should do your best to clean your home after a fire. 

Fabric-cleaner can help with certain pieces of furniture. Baking soda can also help lift out whatever soot is in your cushions. 

Leather furniture may require a harsher cleaner. A brush or vacuum should be used to remove ash residue. 

As for your walls, you need to be careful not to cause damage. Too much moisture can damage your drywall of cause it to develop mold. 

When in doubt, reach out to your local fire damage repair and restoration experts. They come especially handy after your home has just survived a fire.

Avoid Lingering Smoke

If you're noticed any of these signs of smoke damage, don't wait to do something. They can quickly become permanent fixtures in your home if they're not removed. 

And when you've scrubbed all you can and still notice smoke damage, reach out for help. Request a visit online or ask whatever questions you want about cleaning, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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