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How We Work with Insurance to Protect Your Business

3/11/2021 (Permalink)

businesses downtown commercial buidlings downtown

Apart from our experience in a crisis, we also have established business dealings with all area insurance providers and major brands, giving us a distinct advantage with areas like damage assessment and cataloging.

We strive to work quickly and efficiently, limiting any modifications to an active schedule or listing of events upcoming in the venue or arena. Apart from our experience in a crisis, we also have established business dealings with all area insurance providers and major brands, giving us a distinct advantage with areas like damage assessment and cataloging.

Water damage can be particularly hazardous, as excessive moisture can damage expensive flooring of all types of surfaces. As is the case with all water loss incidents, the faster that professionals like our SERVPRO team can get to the emergency, the less costly and destructive it can be. We have sophisticated tools that can help to protect newly saturated flooring materials like wood and vinyl.

We understand that your facility is likely well protected with insurance coverage and that threats like water damage should get covered by this plan. Our SERVPRO team has worked with the insurance providers in the area and understand what they need to approve a claim and can work alongside adjusters to provide accurate assessments and inspections to get approval for all of the work that your property needs. 

Insurance companies often need an experienced guiding hand in a crisis to place value and importance on specific tasks and practices. Wood planking with a finish and paint on it can have a degree of water resistance, often leaving our professionals to only have to utilize our drying mats over a short period to ensure that the right degree of moisture removal occurs to return the flooring material to its original look and feel before the next home game.

While water loss incidents do not always happen, knowing how to address these concerns in advance is critical. We have a full team of qualified SERVPRO of North Leon County water restoration specialists. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (850) 536-6599.

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Our Skilled Technicians Have The Experience To Restore Your Tallahassee Home After A Storm

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lightning from storm storms bring lightning and rain and can cause damage to your home.


Our Skilled Technicians Have The Experience To Restore Your Tallahassee Home After A Flood

Managing Flood Loss in Your Tallahassee Home Until Help Arrives

While flood disasters can be overwhelming and stressful for Tallahassee homeowners, especially coming on the heels of severe weather events that destroyed portions of the property, securing professional assistance quickly is a wise choice. With one of the most regarded storm relief teams in the state of Florida, we can mobilize quickly when homes and businesses are at risk. We have ready trailers stocked with industry-leading equipment to aid in extraction, drying, cleaning, and reducing mold growth potential.

Even with our fast response to these emergencies, even amid the storm, there are ways that a homeowner can help manage flood damage in their Tallahassee residence as well. It is important to note that while there are helpful objectives that property owners can manage until our SERVPRO team arrives at your home, it is only beneficial to do these tasks if it poses no risk or danger to you or your family. Understand your limitations, vulnerabilities in exposed areas of your home, and the progress of the rising water before you commit to any of these actions.

  • Gather Sentimental Items – One of the most critical tasks that any homeowner can embark on is gathering the sentimental and irreplaceable items from their residence before you vacate the premises. While our SERVPRO professionals have a skilled approach with content management, it is often impossible for us to manage the recovery of flood damaged photographs and other keepsakes.
  • Shut Off Other Utilities – Other utilities, especially your electric service, can become damaged with high flooding. The best solution to prevent a fatal situation where water can become electrically charged is to shut off the power to your residence if you know that substantial flooding is inevitable.
  • Take Photos of the Current Damage – Your insurance company is going to want documentation and proof of the damage that your home has sustained. Even additional aid groups often require documentation and cataloging of how your property was affected by the severe weather incident, so having photographic evidence can help.

 Often flooding is challenging to avoid, even with barriers and damming that many homeowners attempt. Knowing how to overcome these damaging effects as they occur begins with securing the experience and skill of our SERVPRO of North Leon County team. Our fast response team stays prepared to help with all storm loss incidents 24/7 at (850) 536-6599.

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Odor Removal Tools for Fire-Damaged Tallahassee Homes

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building fire fireman putting out building on fire

Odor Removal Tools for Fire-Damaged Tallahassee Homes

Fires that affect Tallahassee homes often come with multiple layers of damaging effects for homeowners to overcome. As overwhelming as these circumstances can be, there are ways that you can work to resolve some of the pressing and challenging lingering symptoms on your own with the right equipment and products. Knowing what you need for aspects like deodorization can help the process to complete more efficiently and to be more successful in the end. By looking at the tools that our SERVPRO team uses for this niche of fire recovery, you can too acquire some of this odor removal equipment for your property. 

Fire damage in Tallahassee might feel overwhelming at first, especially with various obstacles all present at the same time. Our SERVPRO team has certified Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT), many with additional endorsements as Odor Control Technicians (OCT), so we have experience and industry-leading equipment to make a difference quickly should you decide it is too much to handle on your own. Part of our success in fire recovery over the years stems from our ability to manage symptoms like lingering smoke odors amid these other effects. 

Regardless of the severity of fire damage incidents, odor control is a considerable phase in recovery and restoration. Our SERVPRO team has an entire inventory of practical deodorization tools and products that lead the industry, and when combined with our extensive experience in fire recovery, improve the speed and success of these odor removal endeavors. Some of these devices we use regularly are:  

-  Hydroxyl Machines – These units can help to reduce or eliminate harsh odors in a compromised environment. Units also work to filter out particulates, debris, dust, and soot circulating in the damaged areas of the property. 

-  Thermal Foggers – While our SERVPRO professionals lean more towards UV foggers for the elimination of lingering smoke odors, thermal fogging is still a powerful tool in our arsenal. These machines are highly portable, helping to address odors throughout the entire property quickly and efficiently. 

If you need our experienced SERVPRO of North Leon County fire restoration specialists or a second opinion on the work you have done for your home, give us a call today at (850) 536-6599.

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6 Reasons Why Water Damage Cleanup Is Essential

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

flood damage water damage in home

Water - we can't live without it. But sometimes, we can't live with it, either. Do you know that $13 billion is spent on water damage restoration services in the U.S. alone? Uncontrolled water presents several dangers.

Water damage to homes and businesses ranges from burst pipes to major storms to regional flooding. So home and business owners can't always avoid it. But you must respond to water damage quickly.

Water damage cleanup with a fast response time is critical, no matter the cause or magnitude of the flooding. We'll discuss reasons why you must never delay treating water damage.

1. Fast Responses Usually Mean Lower Water Damage Cleanup Costs

You might feel relieved when floodwaters subside or the source stops flowing (e.g., water flow to a burst pipe is shut off). But that doesn't mean the damage is under control.

Water is destructive until it's removed and the affected area thoroughly dried. So we strongly advise calling for professional help as soon as possible. Doing this will save you time, property damage, inconvenience, and money.

2. Immediate Help Can Prevent Structural Property Damage

And speaking of costly damage – do you know what uncontained water can do to your home's foundation, frame, and walls? It varies, depending on the circumstances but is a lot, nonetheless.

The faster you can get things to dry, the better off you'll be. That's where you need help from water damage restoration professionals. Our heavy-duty drying equipment can make a huge difference.

3. Response Time Affects How Much Personal Property You Can Salvage

Think about the personal possessions you've gathered over the years — old family photos, boxed keepsakes, inherited antique furniture, and other cherished items.

You need to get these to a dry area quickly once you know there's a flood. Lay them out in the sun or on an upper floor. Use space heaters and blow dryers. When they're dry, take them to a water damage restoration service.

4. Quick Action in Water Damage Cleanup Forestalls Mold Growth

Let's face it. We all have mold where we live and work. Mold spores are a natural part of the environment. But with the right conditions, they will form colonies and flourish. Mold can cause problems for home and business owners.

The best way to prevent mold growth is to clean up water damage before it starts. It's one reason not to delay calling water cleanup experts. We can help with that.

5. Eliminating Standing Water Repels Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes (and the dangerous germs they carry) breed in stagnant water. The health risk this poses becomes more severe as new species migrate from overseas. Don't let floodwater pool on your property!

6. Floodwater Can Contain Human Waste

Waste released in floodwaters might contain fecal matter, toxic chemicals, decayed animal carcasses, or industrial run-off. If significant flooding affects your home, you should evacuate and call for help immediately.

Timely Water Damage Cleanup Makes a Difference

With or without flood insurance, hiring the best water cleanup services ASAP  is essential to your health and property.

If you think water damage cleanup is expensive, you are correct. However, untreated water damage's long-term costs can cost a lot more — including severe illness, loss of home and property, and other tragedies.

If you need water cleanup services in our service area, contact us, SERVPRO of North Leon County.

The Telltale Signs of Smoke Damage (and What to Do About It!)

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fire damaged furniture fire damage in home

Say you've had a recent fire in your home, but it was mostly contained. You got rid of the damaged furniture, but your home still smells like smoke.

That's because smoke can spread throughout your home even if a fire doesn't. It can ruin your furniture, causing smells and stains that can become permanent. 

Here are some signs of smoke damage to stay aware of.

Signs of Smoke Damage

Lingering smoke damage is one of the many types of fire damage you'll have to deal with. 

Furniture that hasn't been burned can still carry a strong smoke smell. If not cleaned soon, that smell can linger and cause health effects down the line. Both fabric and leather furniture are equally susceptible to this issue. 

Wooden furniture may not carry scents as strongly as other types, but it can still have soot or debris in its many crevices. 

Smoke damage can also present itself on your walls and ceilings in the form of stains. You'll have to clean drywall carefully to prevent mold or damage. 

Be sure to document any damage you come across if you intend on making a smoke damage insurance claim. Most policies cover professional cleaning costs. 

Dangers of Smoke Damage

Fire isn't the only thing that can cause damage to your health and home. Acidic soot can cause metal surfaces to corrode over time. Porous surfaces can develop permanent stains, and appliances can yellow within hours. 

Even though the fire is gone, your furniture can hold onto the fine soot particles long after. Every time you sit on your couch, you could end up inhaling a puff of smoke. So it's important to hire a professional to cleanup as soon as possible. 

Smoke Damage Restoration

In order to avoid a smoke-damaged home or health effects, you should do your best to clean your home after a fire. 

Fabric-cleaner can help with certain pieces of furniture. Baking soda can also help lift out whatever soot is in your cushions. 

Leather furniture may require a harsher cleaner. A brush or vacuum should be used to remove ash residue. 

As for your walls, you need to be careful not to cause damage. Too much moisture can damage your drywall of cause it to develop mold. 

When in doubt, reach out to your local fire damage repair and restoration experts. They come especially handy after your home has just survived a fire.

Avoid Lingering Smoke

If you're noticed any of these signs of smoke damage, don't wait to do something. They can quickly become permanent fixtures in your home if they're not removed. 

And when you've scrubbed all you can and still notice smoke damage, reach out for help. Request a visit online or ask whatever questions you want about cleaning, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

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smoke damage in home soot all over floor of home

2020 was such a wild year that it's difficult to remember what was happening right before Covid hit. In the early months of the year, almost the entire continent of Australia was ablaze.

The unprecedented giant fires engulfed the entire continent. Experts say climate change was the cause. With that in mind, we should expect even more fire-related events in the coming years.

If your home or business catches fire, then fire damage restoration services can help. Read on to learn five important benefits that the pros can provide to help you overcome a disaster.

1. Determine Your Losses

Fires are terrifying and traumatic. If you were in your home or business when the blaze started, then you'll need time to cope with what happened.

Revisiting the scene of the fire can bring back scary memories. Unless you've had time to process what happened, then you might not want to visit the area right away.

Fire damage experts can help you avoid emotional distress by going to the scene for you. They'll comb through the wreckage and determine the extent of your damage.

This way, you'll be more prepared to speak with your insurance company. You can give them an expert's estimation of your losses, which will speed up your claim, too.

2. Remove Excess Water and Dry Out Your Home

Did the fire department help put out your blaze? If so, then you might be surprised at how much water gets left in your home.

Fire damage restoration services include water removal. Experts will use wet-vacs and dehumidifiers to ensure your home is water-free.

3. Deep Cleaning Your Home and Valuables

Excess water isn't the only thing you'll need removed after a fire. Blazes also cause significant smoke and soot damage. This damage isn't easy to clean off, either.

Experts will use specialized cleaning agents to remove soot and smoke. They'll deep clean your home and ensure your air quality isn't affected by the smoke, soot, or mold spores.

A prompt response could mean the difference between losing and preserving your valuables.

4. Helps You Recover Faster

The best part about hiring fire damage experts is the speed at which they operate. Hiring the pros will ensure that you recover faster than if you go at it alone.

After the fire, you're likely ready for things to get back to normal. Let the professionals help you get there as soon as possible.

5. Safeguards Your Future

Experiencing one fire is more than enough in one lifetime. That's why the experts will help safeguard against future fires. They'll rebuild or restore your property using the most up-to-date technology and materials.

Fire Damage Restoration Services You Can Trust

When disaster strikes, it's all-too-easy to withdraw and isolate yourself. It's a real challenge for some people to ask for help. Despite that, fire damage restoration services are just the helping hand you need.

Not only will the pros speed up your recovery but they'll also help preserve your valuables, too. If your home or business went down in flames, let us help lift you up.

Our experts at SERVPRO are ready to get started. Contact us on our online form now, and we'll get in touch ASAP.

Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

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rubber gloves woman wearing rubber gloves to clean

Is your team struggling to focus? Have you noticed a drop in their productivity? It's possible your commercial space is to blame.

Clutter can overstimulate the mind and steal our focus. It also contributes to anxiety and frustration. By cleaning up, you could boost your team's productivity and creativity.

Meanwhile, you can also reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading through your team.

You're already busy enough worrying about your business. By hiring a commercial cleaning company, you can take the stress off your shoulders.

Here are the five tips and tricks you need to find a business you can trust. Keep your business squeaky clean with these tips!

1. Head Online

First, head online and search for "the best commercial cleaning company near me." Don't choose the first business you come across. Instead, take the time to research each company's services.

Do they specialize in commercial properties? What services do they offer? Do they have a strong online reputation?

Visit the Better Business Bureau website and the company's Google My Business listing. Read reviews from their recent customers.

If they have any complaints filed against them, scratch that company off your list.

2. Look for Experience

If you want to find the best commercial cleaning company, look for experience and expertise.

How long has the company operated? Have they survived competition in the area?

A new business is likely still working out in the kinks in their operations. They might not know their employees well, either.

Instead, look for a long-running business with a certified and trained team. 

3. Check the Supplies

With COVID-19 still a threat, it's more important now than ever to keep your offices clean.

Ask the cleaning company about the supplies they use. Do they use all-natural products and cleaners? Are their cleaners strong enough to kill the coronavirus? SERVPRO uses EPA-Approved Hospital-Grade cleaning solutions and always adhering to the leading level of cleaning and decontamination standards set by the CDC.

Make sure the team you choose has the supplies necessary to do a thorough job.

4. Confirm Their Coverage

Make sure each company on your list has their insurance, worker's compensation, and bonding paperwork in order. If there's an accident, you shouldn't have to take responsibility for what happened. Otherwise, you'll have to pay out of pocket if someone's injured at your offices.

Choosing an insured company will give you peace of mind. 

5. Ask for Quotes

Take a look at the companies on your list and ask at least three for quotes. Asking for multiple quotes will help you determine the local average.

Don't choose the cheapest option. Instead, use these tips to find the best commercial cleaning company around. 

Squeaky Clean: 5 Tips for Finding the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

Keep your company clean and give your employees the peace of mind they deserve. With these tips, you can find a commercial cleaning team you can trust. Start your search and discover your squeaky clean offices with these tips today!

Don't let wear and tear ruin your offices. Instead, get ahead of the problem with our specialty cleaning services.

Contact us today to get started.

Biohazard Cleaning Services: What Is It? When Is It Needed?

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

yellow cans with biohazard symbol biohazard waste containers

Cleaning is crucial. After a biohazard accident, it is absolutely essential. 

The biohazard cleaning industry is worth more than 350 million dollars. This may seem like a lot of money, but biohazards can go anywhere. Infectious and biological substances can spread across a room, infecting an entire company. 

Many people know about crime scene cleanups. But biohazard cleaning services are more complicated than that. Here is a quick guide on the biohazard cleaning process.

The Basics of Biohazard Cleaning Services

Biohazards constitute a wide range of substances. Nearly everyone knows that blood, vomit, and body tissues can spread infections.

But towels and plasticware that are contaminated also count as biohazards. Soil and plant matter can be biohazards if they are infected with pathogens. "Sharps" are needles and knives, which can contaminate a surface with just one drop of blood or spit. 

Cleaning services remove all sorts of biohazards. They arrive on a scene with personal protective equipment. They need goggles, gloves, and masks to avoid exposing themselves to hazards. 

They seal off an area, allowing no one to enter. They remove the hazards themselves, then they clean the space. 

Body fluids can leak through carpeting into the floor, requiring cleaning down to the floorboards. An entire room may require cleaning. 

Scenes with biohazards can be emotional areas. Service teams try to avoid upsetting people who may be around. Some service companies offer counselors who talk to people while the services are working.

When You Need Biohazard Cleaning

You should not clean biohazards yourself. Contact with any bodily fluid can infect you. Fluids seep through the flooring, making it impossible to clean up without help. 

Though many people think of biohazard cleaning for crime scenes, there are other uses for cleaning. Hoarders can fill an entire room with dangerous objects. Body fluids and debris can become trapped, spreading infections. 

Animals can leave large amounts of waste, even in a well-maintained home. Biohazard cleaners can remove the waste and track how animals enter your home. 

Chemical spills can damage an entire workspace. Acids can dissolve your personal protection equipment, burning you and exposing you to toxic fumes. Service providers have stronger protection equipment than you. 

Allowing the experts to clean up your home or workspace frees you. You can reconnect with your family or employees. You can start working on new safety strategies right away. 

Get Your Biohazard Emergencies Cleaned

Biohazards can be devastating. Get the help you need when they contaminate your home or office. 

The most common biohazards are body fluids. But plant matter and needles also pose a threat to human health. 

Always call a service for hoarding, animal waste, and chemical spills. Never clean up biohazards by yourself. Specialists have years of experience in removing biohazards and cleaning all surfaces so infections cannot spread.

SERVPRO is North Leon County's leading biohazard cleaning services. Contact us today, or call us at 850-536-6599. 

4 Benefits of Expert Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

grey couch in water flood damage in house

In the past decade, worldwide flooding and rains have increased by 50%. That means extreme rain events are happening four times more often than they were in the 1980s!

While flooding may not have been a concern in the past, it's worth your consideration now.

Have you already suffered the effects of extreme rainfall first-hand? If so, then you may be considering commercial water damage restoration services.

Read on to learn four important benefits these services can offer you.

1. Get Back on Your Feet ASAP

Cleaning up water damage is a lengthy process. Not only do you need to remove any excess water, but you need to dry up your space, too.

Water restoration service experts have access to tools that speed up the process. Once that's complete, you'll need to disinfect the area, too. The pros will already have the cleaners you need to ensure you're back on your feet in no time.

2. Avoid an Insurance Headache

Immediately after an accident, you're likely wondering how you'll financially recover. Most often, you'll wonder whether your insurance policy will cover the damage. On top of that, you might not have experience filing a claim.

A professional water restoration service can help. They'll have experience documenting losses and working with an adjuster. They can even help provide proof if your insurance attempts to deny your claim.

As a result, you're more likely to get fair compensation for your insurance claim. Avoid an insurance headache by hiring a water damage restoration service first.

3. Combat Mold and Other Health Concerns

Have you ever heard of black mold? What about other types of molds that grow in damp, dark places?

Floodwaters can cause your home to be more susceptible to mold. Mold can cause health effects, so it's a good idea to hire a pro to clean up after a flood.

That's not the end of your worries, either! Floodwater can also carry bacteria and microorganisms in it. If the water was exposed to sewage, then you need to approach the situation with caution.

Water restoration experts have personal protective gear to clean up any mess. They'll ensure your home or business gets dried out and disinfected.

4. Preserve Valuables Where Possible

Are you afraid that water damage has ruined your valuables? All hope is not lost! The faster you call a restoration service, the more likely they are to recover your assets. They'll handle your items with care and preserve everything they can.

The Many Benefits of Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Commercial water damage restoration services have a lot to offer after a storm. Not only can they get you back on your feet fast, but they'll help preserve your property, too. In the end, you'll cut your losses by hiring a professional.

Are you still considering whether you need the help of the pros? Let us answer any questions you might have about your property. Send us a note on our online form now to hear back from our experts as soon as possible.

A Building Owner's Guide to Fire Restoration Methods and Services

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large house on fire fire damage to house

It was almost midnight when the candle caught your drapes on fire. If it hadn't been for your dog panic barking to wake you up, you might not have made it out in time!

Studies show that there were about 379,600 residential fires reported in the United States in 2018 alone! So, many people have had to go through the same nightmare that you did.

Now that the fire is out and the fire trucks have gone, how do you fix the damage that the fire inflicted on your home? Keep reading to learn all about the methods professionals use in fire restoration.

Top Causes of Residential Fires

While there are no limits to the ways a home could catch on fire, there are a few causes that occur more often than the others. Here are the most common causes for house fires.

  • Cooking
  • Heating Appliances
  • Smoking in the Home
  • Faulty Electrical Equipment
  • Unattended Candles
  • Faulty wiring

Try to mitigate these risks as best as you can. If your home does catch fire, the repairs can cost between $3000 and $40,000 depending on the extent of the damage.

Fire Restoration Methods

When you call in professionals to restore your home, there are a few processes that they go through. These are the 4 major methods they use for fire damage repair and restoration.

Water Damage Repair

When the fire department comes to put out a house fire, they use lots and lots of water. All that water sitting in your home will cause further structural damage if not dealt with right away.

They may set up dehumidifiers or large fans to help dry the area and help prevent mold from growing. The dehumidifiers and fans help draw water out of the walls and floors as well.

Soot Removal

Do you see a fine layer of black or grey covering your belongings? That's soot left behind when something burns until there's nothing left but carbon.

You'll want to clean up the soot fast too. If you leave soot on a porous surface like fabric for too long, you'll never get it all the way out again!

Smoke Damage Repair

After the soot and water damage, the next step is to look at any smoke damage. Regular cleaning methods may get all the visible soot, but you'll want to do a deep clean to get all the smoke remnants out of the cracks, crevices, and fabrics.

Burn Damage Repair

The last method is to remove anything that the fire touched. You may love your Mom's old stuffed animal, but if it has char on it, you'll need to get rid of it.

Don't Let a House Fire Be a Total Loss

No one wants to go through the trauma of your home going up in flames. But, with any luck, it doesn't have to be the end of your life!

As the professionals take care of restoring your home, focus on your family and finances. If you feel overwhelmed, don't shy away from asking for help.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about fire restoration methods. If you have any questions about this article, or if you need home restoration services in the Tallahassee area, contact us today!