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Not All Water is Created Equal- Types of Storm Water and What to do About Them!

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damage to Tallahassee Home Water damage on multiple floors of Leon County Home.

Many Floridians can say they have heard the “cat terms” discussed around them, and most can also say they don’t know what that really means! One thing is certain: These terms aren't going anywhere, so it is best to get educated on them.

One of the first cautions, that is helpful for parents, is that storm water has a high likelihood of being contaminated with raw sewage, dangerous chemicals, or harmful bacteria and viruses capable of transmitting dangerous diseases to your family.

Now that we cleared that up (pun intended,) we will decode storm water characteristics that determine which type of restoration service is needed. All of the services we office are in an attempt to reduce property destruction based on the damage incurred. The 3 levels of water will be covered in more detail below:

Category 1: Clean water

This is made up of water damage from sanitary disasters. Overflowing sinks and bursting pipes and failed supply lines to appliances are the most common in this category..

Category 2: Grey waterThis category has consequences that are painful if ingested. It is generated from washing machines, dishwashers, and urine-tainted toilets. 

Category 3: Black waterThis is deemed the worst of all classifications. Severe illness is probable if ingested. It consists of sewer backups, flooded rivers and any other disasters that cause stagnant liquid to harbor bacterial growth. 

Experts like our technicians can save your structure and their belongings in it when they are called in for service. 

The services can be categorized as below:

Aggressive cleaning includes wall cavities and other surfaces. They are identified and pressure washed with SERVPRO products that are of the highest,most effective quality. Materials that can be restored are flushed and disinfected. 

Moisture detection is one that identifies water damage that can’t be seen with a naked eye. This happens when water is trapped in wall cavities, so SERVPRO’s cutting edge equipment can be used to detect and eliminate odors and further structural damage. 

Rapid structural drying is used when mold begins to spread on moisture-ridden surfaces within only 24 to 48 hours. Oftentimes it is used to seep all the way down to the building’s substructure and it’s necessary to restore pre-flood conditions.

It’s important that you contact a specialist immediately without diagnosing the damage on your own. Our experience can see hope in many elements that seem ruined beyond repair.

Save Money and Aggravation, Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Problems

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

Tallahassee home needs water removal by skilled SERVPRO specialist Tallahassee residents rely on SERVPRO crew for water removal services.
Save Money and Aggravation, Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Problems

After a water emergency that floods a home or business, the last thing that most people want to deal with is a bill for cleaning up the damage. This is what leads many homeowners to attempt water extraction on their own instead of calling a professional.
If you're in need of water removal, you may be tempted to save money by trying to get rid of the excess water on your own. However, going this route typically has more consequences than benefits and will result in greater losses of time, money, and your possessions in the long run. Here's why calling SERVPRO for professional water removal is a smart move.
Professional water extraction works extremely well.
While some homeowners resort to opening windows and doors, turning on ceiling fans, and blotting towels around the house, SERVPRO has powerful equipment that ensures efficient and thorough water removal. We're also often able to restore documents, books, furnishings, and electronic devices affected by water damage, plus we'll get your home's humidity back to an appropriate level.
Many water emergencies are hazardous.
If your house has been flooded with gray or black water, such as that from a natural disaster, backed up sewer line, or a leaky toilet, expert attention to the problem is best. These types of water are risky for untrained persons to handle because it involves disease causing waste and debris. This is the type of material that can't simply be put out with the week's garbage and needs proper and safe disposal.  We're knowledgeable about how to get rid of contaminated waste during water extraction, so there are no lingering health risks to your family or pets.
It's important to consider mold and mildew.
One reason that so many homeowners who attempt DIY water removal eventually end up calling a pro is unseen damage caused by mold and mildew. While your flooring and possessions may look and feel dry, without proper water extraction and controlling humidity mold and mildew will thrive, cause off odors, and ruin your home's structure along with your possessions and furniture. SERVPRO technicians are skilled at protecting against the growth of mold and mildew and have effective strategies to combat it. We have many AMRT certified technicians for this specific task.
At SERVPRO of North Leon County, we know how important it is to get your home back in order as quickly as possible. We'll help you mitigate the costs of any water emergency by restoring your possessions and preventing future damage to your home. For more information about our water removal services or to receive a quote, call us 24/7.

4 Important Ways a Water Damage Company Can Help You

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage in Home Water removal services needed in customer home.

4 Important Ways a Water Damage Company Can Help You

Trying to tackle water damage on your own may not be the best idea. Learn what a water damage company can do to help you.

It can feel overwhelming to see standing water in your home. What do you do first? Focus on getting the water out or removing your possessions from the water? Whether it’s from a flood or a burst pipe, the faster you react to the water damage, the better.

Luckily, you don’t have to take this on by yourself. Water damage professionals should be the first people you call when realize your home has suffered from unwelcome water. Let’s look at everything a water damage company can do for you, but first, let’s cover the basics.

What Is a Water Damage Company?

Improperly treated water damage can lead to black mold, mildew, and wood rot. This means time and expertise are crucial.

Water damage remediation professionals go through training through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. They strive to preserve your house and valuables by removing water and making repairs.

Water Damage Services

A highly-trained team of professionals will serve you from the minute you call until your house is dry back to normal. Here are just four of the ways a water damage company can help you after a flood.

Plan of Action

Water damage services begin with the initial assessment of testing the water to determine the extent of the threat it poses. There are three different types of water that can damage your house. The flood could be of clean water, gray water (from washing machines, showers, etc), or black water (contaminated from the septic tank). Once the water damage remediation team knows what they're dealing with, they can form their plan of action.

Water Extraction and Drying

The next step focuses on extracting the water using submersible pumps and wet vacuums. Once they remove the water, the drying process can begin. Industrial-grade dehumidifiers pull moisture out of the air and high-speed fans circulate airflow to speed up the process.

Cleaning and Restoration

After everything is dry, the cleaning and repairs begin. Carpets, floors, drywall, and anything else affected by the water damage must be removed or sanitized. Depending on the severity of the water damage, your home may need reconstruction. Your water damage company will address these as well to restore your house to be your home again.

Possible damage to the foundation or structure of your house can be costly and dangerous if done incorrectly. This is why it’s best to leave this kind of work to the experts.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a water damage company gives you the peace of mind that no spot is overlooked. They work knowing that every hour can mean more water absorption and more permanent damage.

Go With the Pros

You’re one call away from having all your flooding problems solved by water damage company experts. If you or someone you love is a flood victim, be sure to call our 24-hour emergency service at (850)765-5706. For more information about the other services we offer, including fire damage and mold remediation, contact us today.

The Big Question: Can Drywall Water Damage Be Fixed?

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage on Drywall Water damage on drywall- professional services needed.

The Big Question: Can Drywall Water Damage Be Fixed?

Has your drywall been damaged by water and are you wondering if it can be fixed? Keep reading and learn more about drywall water damage.

Many people don't realize just how much drywall is favored in America relative to other places. In fact, about half of all the drywall in the world is used in North America. That is despite the fact that North America has less than 5% of the world's total population! 

That makes North America the world's expert on drywall as well as on drywall water damage. In many cases, it can be difficult to know when damaged drywall is still reparable versus when it will need replacing entirely.

So how can you detect signs that your drywall needs repairing or replaced? Read on to learn all about the top signs that your drywall needs professional attention! ??

Soft Spots in Your Drywall 

When it comes to water damage repair, one of the most common signs of water damage is soft spots in your drywall. Despite the fact that this is a common occurrence, it is also the easiest sign to miss.

This is because it is the only sign that cannot be spotted merely with the eyes. Although other signs of water damage present visibly, soft spots have to be felt with the hands.

When the far end of your drywall becomes soaked through with water, it destroys the structural integrity of your drywall. However, the face of the wall that you can see may look completely normal.

If you think you might have drywall that suffered excessive exposure to water, then feel around all over the exposed area. If you find spots that collapse under your fingers, then you have found significant drywall damage. 

Because of how long the water may have been on your drywall, you may also have a risk of mold

Bubbles or Cracks in Your Paint 

Bubbles especially occur in the ceiling. They are generally full of water and may require water damage restoration.

If they are small enough, then you may not need professional water damage repair. You can pop them yourself as long as you are prepared for the water that will come out of them. You may want to solve this sooner rather than later, since chronically wet drywall can lead to mold.

On the other hand, if the bubbles are large, you may need to call a professional.


If you look up "signs of water damage near me", then you will likely find discoloration. It generally turns your drywall yellow or brown. 

You can cover it up with paint if you like. If there is discoloration across a large area of drywall, then you might need to call a professional.

Be Prepared to Manage Drywall Water Damage

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful about some of the most important things to know about drywall water damage. When drywall is reparable, it can save you a lot of time and money to do so rather than having it replaced. On the other hand, it needs replacing, and you should do so as quickly as possible and accept that it will cost more than repairs.

To learn more about how to manage damage caused by water, fire, and other problems, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us at any time! 

How to Prevent Home Flooding: 5 Simple Tips

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

house flooded from storm storm causes flooding in Tallahassee home

How to Prevent Home Flooding: 5 Simple Tips 

Storm waters and flooding from hurricanes, thunderstorms, or even tornadoes can leave your home damaged and you feeling overwhelmed. If you live in a flood zone, your home flooding chances are magnified and even more scary. 

A flooded house can lead to everything from mold to flooring damage, not to mention the hit to your bank account. In this blog, you'll find a few tips on how to prevent flooding in your home. 

1. Check Your Foundation for Cracks

The first thing you can do to protect your home from flooding is to check your foundation for cracks. If you see any cracks in the foundation, seal them immediately before storm season begins. Then, you can pick up masonry or mortar caulk from your local hardware store. 

Water damage from storms or water seeping into your home needs to be dealt with right away to prevent further damage and health effects. 

2. Check Your Basement Windows

Many flooded homes have happened because of water seeping in through the basement windows. During the yearly maintenance checkup of your home, don't forget to check the basement windows for any cracks or holes.

If the windows are too bad, it's best to invest in new basement windows, and that goes for the rest of the windows in your home as well. If you find any cracks, make sure to seal them well before the rainy season begins. 

3. Clean Your Downspouts and Gutters

Check and clean your gutters and downspouts at least once a year, but preferably in the spring and fall of the year. If you're afraid of heights, it might be best to hire someone to come in and do this job for you. However, if you have a lot of trees around your home, you'll need to check the gutters and downspouts more often for the best results. 

4. Keep Drains and Ditches Clear of Debris

It's important to avoid mulch, leaves, and debris gathering in your drains and ditches, as when it starts to rain, if it floods, the water has nowhere to go. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, make sure to rake your leaves, bag them up and take them away instead of letting them pile up and be swept into your drains. 

5. Invest in a Sump Pump 

One sure way to prevent flooding in your home is to invest in a sump pump. If you do have a flood in your home, then this works to pump the water back outside where it belongs. Though most sump pumps are electric, you need to invest in a battery-operated one, just in case the power fails. 

Prevent Home Flooding Today

These are just a few of the things you can do to prevent home flooding from happening to you and your family. There are many causes of house floods out there, but if you're prepared, you don't have to worry about them as well. For help with any flood or fire damage as well as mold remediation, contact us today. We are standing by to take your calls and answer your questions.  

Common Water Damage Restoration Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

water damage on ceiling leak from 2nd floor on ceiling of first floor

5 Common Water Damage Restoration Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners

Fixing water damage in your home requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common water damage restoration mistakes

Water damage can cause a myriad of problems for your property, your wallet, and your peace of mind.

When it comes to being a homeowner, you can't afford to make mistakes if you need to have water damage issues corrected.

Read on for a list of five common water damage restoration mistakes to avoid so you can get back to living in a dry, safe home.

1. You Wait for the Issue to Go Away

Whether it's a major storm or a burst plumbing pipe, one of the most common water damage restoration mistakes that homeowners make is waiting too long to get help. You might think that everything will dry out on its own and that your home will return to normal. The truth is, water can wreak serious havoc on your home's structure even more than what you can see, so contacting a water damage cleaning service ASAP is key.

2. Water Damage Restoration Mistakes: Doing Things DIY

Fixing water damage yourself is almost impossible except for the initial cleanup and doing things like bringing furniture outside to dry. Otherwise, there are many things that you'll need to leave in the hands of the professionals. The pros have the water damage equipment needed to repair things the right way so that serious problems don't creep up later when you least expect them.

3. You Think It's No Big Deal

Water damage to homes can cause all kinds of issues with the structural integrity of your house. Mold and mildew can also grow, so it's important to make sure that everything is restored the right way the first time. If you shrug your shoulders and think that water damage isn't so bad, you might end up with a lot more issues later that could've been avoided if repairs were made upfront.

4. Not Knowing Signs of Water Damage

If you're recovering from a disaster, you might not easily recognize the signs of water damage right away. When this happens, problems can start to multiply without you even realizing it. Look for signs like discoloration of walls and floors, warping, and mold growth so that you're aware of serious issues before they get out of hand.

5. You're Using the Wrong Tools

Mops and towels can help to absorb excess water on the floors, but they're not enough to get the job done right. A water damage cleaning service has the proper water damage equipment to get things cleaned up the right way. These pros have a variety of specialized equipment and tools in their arsenal that will help to restore your home back to its original condition.

Say Goodbye to Water Damage

Don't make these water damage restoration mistakes if you've recently undergone water-related issues in your home. Never ignore the signs of water damage, and always contact the professionals to help you navigate this stressful time.

For more information about our water damage restoration services and how we can help, feel free to contact us today.

Why Should You Use A 24 Hour Emergency Service For Flooding?

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO service truck 24 hour SERVPRO water damage repair truck

Why Should You Use A 24 Hour Emergency Service For Flooding?

Homes are one of the most expensive purchases a person may get. Unless you want to throw all of the money you spend out the window, you should always maintain the property you get. You can expect to spend 1-4% of your home's value on maintenance fees. 

Be careful though. The cost for regular maintenance will turn into costly repairs should you hold them off later. It's more of a grave mistake if you are dealing with issues like water damage.

Seek a 24-hour emergency service ASAP in these cases. Keep reading to learn why flooding requires rapid intervention. 

How Soon Does Water Damage Occur?

Ever notice how paper you spill with water is never the same? You can consider a similar effect to your home if you have flooding in your home. The look of your walls changes and damage may be evident within minutes. 

Dealing with water damage is a race against time. The longer you allow the water to sit, the worse it will get. However, if you discover and address water damage once you see it, very little damage will occur. Extensive flooding can attack your walls as well as your belongings. 

Allowing the water to seep through the walls can cause structural issues with the house. Hard floors may swell from the excess water. The ceilings may also start to crack. Rotting can begin within a few hours and cause odor as well. 

The two most important factors when dealing with water damage is determining how much water you have and the rate it's traveling. Knowing both will help you determine how fast damage will occur as it does vary. 

Actions To Take With Water Flooding

The longer you wait to correct water damage, the more likely you are to be left with major damages. Waiting will cost your more too which makes it an implausible option. It's a good idea to do what you can first as you contact a 24-hour emergency plumbing service to help you.

You should start by removing as much of the water as you can by yourself. Depending on how deep the water is you may need a bucket, mop, cloth, or combination of the three to help you. Your eyes are also your best friend in assessing possible water damage. 

Homeowners who live in states such as Florida are most prone to dealing with water damage. Florida isn't only known for its hot climate. Floridians have to deal with tropical storms and are at the highest risk of water damage during hurricane season

Extensive water damage is not something you want to handle on your own. Cleaning the water is not the only problem you have to remember about. Getting in touch with water restoration companies can save your home. 

SERVPRO: A Timely and Affordable 24-Hour Emergency Home Service

SERVPRO is a company in Florida that offers prompt damage control for residences and business properties. We are a 24-hour emergency flood service you can count on.

We have highly trained specialists who will come in, clean up, and restore damages (such as water flooding) before the problem gets worse. Contact us for damage control at an affordable price. 

6 Reasons Why Water Damage Cleanup Is Essential

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

flood damage water damage in home

Water - we can't live without it. But sometimes, we can't live with it, either. Do you know that $13 billion is spent on water damage restoration services in the U.S. alone? Uncontrolled water presents several dangers.

Water damage to homes and businesses ranges from burst pipes to major storms to regional flooding. So home and business owners can't always avoid it. But you must respond to water damage quickly.

Water damage cleanup with a fast response time is critical, no matter the cause or magnitude of the flooding. We'll discuss reasons why you must never delay treating water damage.

1. Fast Responses Usually Mean Lower Water Damage Cleanup Costs

You might feel relieved when floodwaters subside or the source stops flowing (e.g., water flow to a burst pipe is shut off). But that doesn't mean the damage is under control.

Water is destructive until it's removed and the affected area thoroughly dried. So we strongly advise calling for professional help as soon as possible. Doing this will save you time, property damage, inconvenience, and money.

2. Immediate Help Can Prevent Structural Property Damage

And speaking of costly damage – do you know what uncontained water can do to your home's foundation, frame, and walls? It varies, depending on the circumstances but is a lot, nonetheless.

The faster you can get things to dry, the better off you'll be. That's where you need help from water damage restoration professionals. Our heavy-duty drying equipment can make a huge difference.

3. Response Time Affects How Much Personal Property You Can Salvage

Think about the personal possessions you've gathered over the years — old family photos, boxed keepsakes, inherited antique furniture, and other cherished items.

You need to get these to a dry area quickly once you know there's a flood. Lay them out in the sun or on an upper floor. Use space heaters and blow dryers. When they're dry, take them to a water damage restoration service.

4. Quick Action in Water Damage Cleanup Forestalls Mold Growth

Let's face it. We all have mold where we live and work. Mold spores are a natural part of the environment. But with the right conditions, they will form colonies and flourish. Mold can cause problems for home and business owners.

The best way to prevent mold growth is to clean up water damage before it starts. It's one reason not to delay calling water cleanup experts. We can help with that.

5. Eliminating Standing Water Repels Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes (and the dangerous germs they carry) breed in stagnant water. The health risk this poses becomes more severe as new species migrate from overseas. Don't let floodwater pool on your property!

6. Floodwater Can Contain Human Waste

Waste released in floodwaters might contain fecal matter, toxic chemicals, decayed animal carcasses, or industrial run-off. If significant flooding affects your home, you should evacuate and call for help immediately.

Timely Water Damage Cleanup Makes a Difference

With or without flood insurance, hiring the best water cleanup services ASAP is essential to your health and property.

If you think water damage cleanup is expensive, you are correct. However, untreated water damage's long-term costs can cost a lot more — including severe illness, loss of home and property, and other tragedies.

If you need water cleanup services in our service area, contact us, SERVPRO of North Leon County.

4 Benefits of Expert Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

grey couch in water flood damage in house

In the past decade, worldwide flooding and rains have increased by 50%. That means extreme rain events are happening four times more often than they were in the 1980s!

While flooding may not have been a concern in the past, it's worth your consideration now.

Have you already suffered the effects of extreme rainfall first-hand? If so, then you may be considering commercial water damage restoration services.

Read on to learn four important benefits these services can offer you.

1. Get Back on Your Feet ASAP

Cleaning up water damage is a lengthy process. Not only do you need to remove any excess water, but you need to dry up your space, too.

Water restoration service experts have access to tools that speed up the process. Once that's complete, you'll need to disinfect the area, too. The pros will already have the cleaners you need to ensure you're back on your feet in no time.

2. Avoid an Insurance Headache

Immediately after an accident, you're likely wondering how you'll financially recover. Most often, you'll wonder whether your insurance policy will cover the damage. On top of that, you might not have experience filing a claim.

A professional water restoration service can help. They'll have experience documenting losses and working with an adjuster. They can even help provide proof if your insurance attempts to deny your claim.

As a result, you're more likely to get fair compensation for your insurance claim. Avoid an insurance headache by hiring a water damage restoration service first.

3. Combat Mold and Other Health Concerns

Have you ever heard of black mold? What about other types of molds that grow in damp, dark places?

Floodwaters can cause your home to be more susceptible to mold. Mold can cause health effects, so it's a good idea to hire a pro to clean up after a flood.

That's not the end of your worries, either! Floodwater can also carry bacteria and microorganisms in it. If the water was exposed to sewage, then you need to approach the situation with caution.

Water restoration experts have personal protective gear to clean up any mess. They'll ensure your home or business gets dried out and disinfected.

4. Preserve Valuables Where Possible

Are you afraid that water damage has ruined your valuables? All hope is not lost! The faster you call a restoration service, the more likely they are to recover your assets. They'll handle your items with care and preserve everything they can.

The Many Benefits of Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Commercial water damage restoration services have a lot to offer after a storm. Not only can they get you back on your feet fast, but they'll help preserve your property, too. In the end, you'll cut your losses by hiring a professional.

Are you still considering whether you need the help of the pros? Let us answer any questions you might have about your property. Send us a note on our online form now to hear back from our experts as soon as possible.

3 Common Water Issues in Commercial Facilities

1/8/2021 (Permalink)

water damage commercial water damage

Commercial property owners are often most concerned about leaking pipes ruining inventory, and causing significant business interruptions. However, several hidden problems can lead to costly repairs and the temporary closure of operations. The key to prevention, then, is being aware of the potential pitfalls of facilities, and in the case of commercial buildings, and depending on age, those pitfalls can land in three areas.

  • Foundation
  • Sewer Lines
  • Water pipes

If you feel concerned about the problems that could be lurking underneath cosmetic surfaces, you may want to call on a water mitigation service in Tallahassee, FL. These services typically offer onsite assessments, helping you determine current and future projects.

Foundation Problems
The foundation is the most critical element of your structure. The integrity of the facility rests, literally, on the sturdiness and strength of this base layer. You want to ensure that there are no signs of significant cracking or sagging. If you find cracks, gaps, or sags, it can mean that the sediment layer of the foundation is compromised.
The age of a building can often play a role in the settling or sinking of a property. Depending on the area's dampness, soil can wash away, making the bedrock of your building slightly less capable. A full property assessment can help determine if there are any structural concerns.

Sewer Line Issues
Cast iron sewer lines were once thought to be the most durable material for underground work. Unfortunately, time has proven otherwise. After years in the soil, cast iron systems deteriorate, leading to potential problems and significant expenses. When these lines deteriorate enough, they collapse, compromising the entire sewer system, possibly causing a toilet backup, or worse.

Water Pipe Damage
While water lines carry a clean supply, a pipe break or even slow leaking pipes can lead to extensive damage. The scary things are small, sustained leaks because they can lead to mold. Again, routine inspections are a must.
How long has it been since your last thorough building inspection? Contact a plumbing specialist to check on these three common commercial water issues, including leaking pipes.

Why You Need to Fix Storm Damage Immediately

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

storm damage water damage tallahassee

Why You Need to Fix Storm Damage Immediately

Has your home recently suffered from storm damage perhaps due to a hurricane?

Every year, many people's homes around the world suffer storm damage. Some people expect this due to where they're located but for others, it can be a rare and unfortunate event.

Storm damage not only disrupts everyone's lives, but it can bring financial problems too. So, getting storm damage fixed quickly by professionals is a priority.

In this article, we're going to share 3 reasons why storm damage can be so deadly and why you should get it fixed asap.

Structural Issues

When your home suffers storm damage, it can often suffer structural issues due to flooding. The water damage may come from excessive rainfall and it's very easy to see. However, storms can also cause pipes to burst and leakage. In these cases, it can be much harder to identify.

This is why you should hire professionals to take care of the drying process and do an all-around inspection. They'll be able to spot any unseen water damage and replace it with structurally sound materials.

If you don't take care of the issues, the consequences can be significant and pose a threat to you and your family's safety.

Build Up of Mold

Water damage from storms can result in mold appearing around your house. If it's not taken care of properly, it can spread throughout your home.

Professionals will be able to identify and remove mold quickly and safely. They'll also be able to ensure it doesn't return, saving your family from harm.

Damage From Sewage Waste

When you think of water damage, it's common to think of rainfall or a burst pipe is a cause. However, during a storm, waste from sewage can get inside your home.

Not only is this quite disgusting to think about but it can be very dangerous if not cleaned up properly. In fact, if the contaminants become airborne, it can not only affect your health but also your pets. Being airborne also means it's invisible to the naked eye and may go unnoticed for years.

That's why you should let the professionals handle this type of clean up. They'll have both the experience and proper equipment. Plus, none of us really want to handle sewage waste.

Why Fixing Storm Damage Quickly Is Important

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article and it's educated you more about storm damage.

As you can see, storm damage is a very serious problem that needs to be taken care of quickly. It's also important that you bring in professional help to ensure the cleanup is carried out properly.

If you have suffered storm damage recently, contact us to find out how we can help you.

Salvaging Belongings After Water Damage

11/10/2020 (Permalink)

water damage water damage Tallahassee

Salvaging Belongings After Water Damage

A broken pipe, Mother Nature’s wrath or forgotten faucet can quickly create havoc in your Tallahassee, Florida home. Along with potential structural issues it can cause, unwanted water in a home can ruin cherished belongings. While some items can’t be salvaged, such as medicine, food, saturated wood and personal hygiene items, much more can be saved when taking a careful and gentle approach.

Caring for Belongings

As you sort through your wet belongings, keep the following in mind:

Furniture – Wipe down any affected furniture to remove excess moisture. If it is on a wet rug or carpet, remove from the area or place on blocks to lift it up. For upholstered pieces, saving it may depend on the amount of saturation.

Fabrics – Clothing, curtains, bedding and rugs should be immediately cleaned and dried. Use hot water to kill any potential bacteria.

Books, Photographs, Documents – These fragile pieces take time to deal with and often require expert help. The best option is to store them in a box or container in the freezer until they can be properly addressed.

Electronics – While not all may make it through being waterlogged, many can be restored. Again, it is vital to leave that to a trained technician. Any devices that have been in water need to be unplugged.

Professional Expertise

When faced with extensive water in a home, ensuring you save as much as possible means placing the care of your belongings in the care of water damage and restoration company. Along with helping restore your home and ensure no mold grows or other hidden damage happens, they have trained experts in the restoration of other items. Various techniques are used on- and off-site to restore many items back to normal. Depending on the material, methods used include immersion, foam, abrasive, wipe and clean, wet and dry cleaning.

Just because you have water at home doesn’t mean everything has to be tossed. Before diving into the mess, get help that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Call us today at 850-536-6599

What Type of Restoration Equipment and Processes Will Be Used On the Water Damage in My Tallahassee Home?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

silver pipe leaking water Water damage can be caused by the smallest thing - like a leaking pipe. Contact SERVPRO for remediation services using our professional equipment.

SERVPRO in Tallahassee Reassures Concerned Homeowners by Using State-of-the-Art Equipment and Techniques

Tallahassee homeowners have to worry about cleanup and restoration after water loss just like anyone, and regardless of the cause of the water loss. But how do you know whether the methods used by the company of your choice will be effective? What if the last service provider you used did not get the job done the way you hoped or expected?

Unfortunately, this type of situation happens more than we would like. But the good news is that at SERVPRO We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we use technologically up-to-date machinery and methods to restore the water damage to your Tallahassee home and belongings. First, however, our trained service professionals will ask you some ‘Emergency’ questions to help us determine the best course of action for your needs. Next, we will conduct an inspection consisting of an assessment of the damage done. After that, techs will bring in the equipment and begin the removal and restoration process.

What Specific Equipment Will the Techs Bring Into Our Home?

While there are many resources available at our disposal, depending on your need, the equipment used will be determined by the assessment process once it’s complete. Some things our techs work with to get things back to normal for you include:

  • Strong vacuums and water pumps (for actual water removal)
  • Dehumidifiers and air movers used for drying out the structure and your belongings
  • Cleaning and sanitizing is the next step, and several methods are used to get rid of dirt, mold, mildew, and the like from your possessions
  • Restoration is the final step, and this will aid in getting your home and belongings back to the way they should be. This step may consist of minor panel or installation replacement to reconstruction, depending on the amount of damage done. Many different tools and equipment are used during this last step

Because of the careful order of the process, and the consistent use of all resources needed, you will find th-at we will get the job done to your satisfaction. SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599; we are the ones to call if you want things back to normal, “Like it never even happened.”

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Why is Hidden Moisture in Bathrooms an Issue?

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

bathroom Don't let moisture wreak havoc in your Tallahassee bathroom. Call SERVPRO today.

Tallahassee Homes are in Danger of Costly Water Damage if Hidden Moisture Lurks Behind Building Materials.

Most bathrooms get designed in a way that allows them to handle excessive moisture and the potential for slight spills from your sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers. However, certain situations call for the help of trained professionals so that you do not develop building material rot or the onset of potentially harmful mold and mildew. SERVPRO can come out to your Tallahassee property to look at your bathroom if you suspect that you may have hidden water damage. We have a broad range of moisture detection methods and equipment to assess your home and get to the heart of the matter.

There are some noticeable signs that you may need help with water damage restoration in Tallahassee. For example, you could have moisture hidden behind your walls or ceilings if you begin to notice things like:

  • Sudden, unexplainable musty odors
  • Paint or wallpaper that starts to discolor, bubble, or peel
  • Drywall that is spongy, moist to the touch, or begins to crumble

Without prompt action after noticing one or more of these symptoms of water damage, you could be in for costly damage to your building materials and the structure of your home. SERVPRO performs a thorough assessment to mitigate the damage while also looking for any areas where moisture might be hiding. We bring water removal tools and drying equipment to each water restoration job so that we can get to work quickly on a tailored plan to restore your interior and make it “Like it never even happened.”

With the help of moisture sensors, thermal imaging technology, and moisture meters, we find damp areas and use industrial-strength dehumidifiers and air movers in tandem to facilitate evaporation. If necessary, we can put polyethylene sheeting in place to amplify drying by creating a drying chamber. All surfaces are then finished off with disinfection and sanitization with our range of EPA-registered antimicrobial and antibacterial cleaning agents and deodorizers.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is available to handle any water damage restoration needs that you may have. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster, and you can reach us by calling (850) 536-6599.

My Home in Tallahassee has Soaked Carpet, What Do I Do?

4/19/2020 (Permalink)

soaked and water damaged carpet and carpet pad When you react quickly after water damage, team SERVPRO can dry out your carpeting saving the need for replacement. Call right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Use Specialized Extraction Techniques and Equipment for Effective Water Removal in Tallahassee

A water leak that dumps unwanted gallons of water onto your carpets is problematic and needs professional attention quickly to mitigate further loss. Otherwise, there is the potential of secondary damage to your home, including ruined carpet and potential mold growth. 

What is the water removal process our SERVPRO specialists follow for soaked carpets in Tallahassee?

  • Extract: We use portable and truck-mounted extraction equipment to remove excess water. Extraction wands hold between 5-10 gallons of water and fit into every corner of the impacted room.
  • Disposal: Our technicians dispose of water according to local, regional, and state ordinances, including disposal directly into a treated sewer, and sometimes to an offsite location.
  • Dry: Through the strategic placement of industrial-strength air moving equipment and dehumidifiers exhausting warm dry air, technicians dry the carpet.  

Call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for assistance with water removal from your carpets. 

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Water Removal Services In Tallahassee

2/29/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

After Removing a Badly-Behaved Water-Using Appliance, Homeowners Need Water Removal Services in Tallahassee

Many homeowners in Tallahassee update their kitchens with new appliances regularly, even if the current model installed in their home works fine. Often, this happens to increase energy efficiency and lower utility costs. Other times, new appliances replace older models that leak or no longer function the way they should. In either case, tightening the water lines’ and drain’s connections bands can keep future leaks from happening.

When water leaks, or worse, in your Tallahassee home, calling for water removal services immediately can protect your property from increasingly worse damage. Doing so is at least as important as it is to keep things modern and efficient. Both reduce the expense required to maintain a safe and comfortable home. SERVPRO is always near, ready to answer your questions and mitigate existing damage. We work swiftly and keep damaged areas from growing in size, which helps keep your costs low.

High pressure forces a huge amount of water out of any water supply line that breaks or detaches from its connection. This can create flooding in the immediate area. The force of such water coming out of the hose or pipe can also push the water into a wall’s interior. Appliances that leak, especially those that lose water slowly but steadily each time you use them, can cause water to spread widely. SERVPRO technicians bring the high-tech devices needed to locate water in both situations.

Removing all of the water and eliminating damp conditions is necessary to protect your house and its contents. While we use extraction units similar (but more powerful) than a wet-n-dry vac, we also set up air movers, desiccant machines, and heaters. Our Injectidry system extracts water or forces in warm, dry air, depending on our needs. Our specialists can float a soggy carpet, so it gently dries without stretching, making it possible to relay it again, as soon as it and the floor below no longer hold any moisture.

SERVPRO of North Leon County can be reached at (850) 536-6599, year-round, 24 hours a day. We use water removal methods to restore houses in Centerville, near Florida State University, and also around Lake Iamonia. When appliances fail, pipes break, or other water issues create messes in your home, call us so we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

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How to Navigate When Water Damage Affects Your Tallahassee Home

2/9/2020 (Permalink)

backed up sump pump Backups and flooding situations happen on a daily basis. Get help from the certified technicians at SERVPRO when it happens in your home.

Sewer Backups and the Professional Water Removal Services needed to Fix them

It is not possible to protect your home from flooding absolutely. However, safeguarding your home by taking precautions ahead of time can benefit your home. Checking state warnings can help you to keep track of potential flood risks in the local area. You may also want to run crucial maintenance on your property before wetter, colder months. Maintenance may include clearing drainage, roof gutters as well as regularly testing equipment and appliances. Unfortunately, even when performing all the necessary safeguards, homes can still flood. 

When your property suffers from flooding, you may want to consider emergency water removal in Tallahassee. Emergency services SERVPRO can provide include the removal of standing water as well as restoration from start to finish. When you home floods, there is a strong chance of permanent damage occurring to both structure and contents. By intervening with a professional company, you can make sure that your home has the best chance of making a full recovery. 

Flooding in your local area can lead to a sewer back-up. At SERVPRO, we recommend that you consider installing a backwater prevention valve, which allows sewer waters to leave the house but prevents them from coming back. Homes without a working backwater prevention valve may have sewer back-ups. These can result in severe amounts of sewage returning into the home. Since sewer water can be hazardous to your health, the best mitigation work you can do as a homeowner is to try and remove furniture or possessions from the affected area quickly and safely. 

Our job at SERVPRO is to remove sewer waters quickly and efficiently safely. We can deploy powerful self-priming trash pumps to the affected area, which are capable of removing water with the solid-waste present. Wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE,) SERVPRO technicians can enter the area and thoroughly disinfect it using chemical products. If the affected area is tiled, we can often restore it to a preloss level. Unfortunately, structural materials that are porous need removal and replacement to ensure the home does not become cross-contaminated.

Sewer back-ups are harmful to your health. Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536- 6599 for professional assistance.

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Did Water Damage Your Tallahassee Subfloor?

1/7/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood When water enters your subflooring, structural issues can occur. SERVPRO has the training to dry your flooring. Call us today!

Removing Water from Plywood Subflooring in Tallahassee Homes 

Carpeted areas and other floorings in your Tallahassee home can become highly damaged by standing water soaking through the layers to the subflooring. In most modern homes, the supporting layer beneath the carpet and padding is either plywood or OSB board. Both of these engineered wood options, created by pressing either layers of veneer together with water-resistant resins or fibers and strands, use the same adhesive. 

When standing water becoming a threat to the property, it is vital to understand how to begin water removal for Tallahassee homes when the water has reached this layer of flooring. The first thing that our SERVPRO professionals must determine is the extent of the moisture damage to this layer, the padding, and the carpet. A penetrating moisture meter can often identify where moisture has traveled in this engineered wood layer. 

A visual inspection of this layer is often advisable, too, especially when the layers above it required removal. Any signs of warping and distortion should be enough to encourage replacement. Changing the composition of these materials can provide weak areas or vulnerabilities that could eventually collapse. As a whole, OSB and plywood are more resistant to direct water damage than other subflooring products because of the use of water-resistant glues in pressing the layers together. Even still, delamination or disintegration are probable outcomes when water exposure happens over several days. 

Our SERVPRO professionals can show that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, but what we can do for a home depends on how efficiently the team gets notified of a loss incident. With fast responses to these emergencies, we can expose the subflooring and put air movers and dehumidifiers to work. In most situations, specialty equipment like our drying mats are not necessary, which can help to increase overall drying times. 

While carpeted areas exposed to standing water for several days might not be salvageable, the floor itself might not be a total loss. Our SERVPRO of North Leon County team can help with direct strategies designed to limit tear-out and reconstruction in your home after a water loss incident. Give us a call today at (850) 536-6599. 

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Water Removal Tallahassee – Why Rush to Remove Water on Hardwood Floors

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

Room with SERVPRO equipment on a carpeted floor We have the equipment to remove water damage from your floors

SERVPRO Can Help After Water Damages your Floors

Many clients who have experienced water leaks that spread to various rooms in their home containing wood flooring or subfloor are surprised to see the deformation of the wood after the surface of the floors has been dried. There are several reasons for the wood to deform. Often moisture has penetrated between the joints or into the wood itself, causing the wood to swell.

Whenever SERVPRO receives a call from potential clients in Tallahassee about water removal, we urge consumers to act quickly. Repairing the leak and removing the surface water is a high priority. Use mops and towels to remove as much water as possible. Then focus on removing moisture from the floor that may have penetrated the floor. SERVPRO can help to remove all of the moisture.

Hardwood Flooring

Water may have seeped between the joints, and the wood can gradually absorb this moisture. The average moisture content of wood in North America is 10%. Higher amounts can cause the wood to swell, causing buckling and cupping as the wood absorbs moisture. Moisture absorbed along the sides and bottom of the wood cause cupping. Moisture absorbed from the top of the wood can cause it to crown. Various wood types are susceptible to these situations, depending on how porous it is.


Subfloors for carpeting, tile floors, and hardwood floors are typically made from particleboard, plywood, or oriented strand board. The water may dissolve the glue that holds these materials together if the glue is water-soluble. These floors may disintegrate, swell, warp and buckle, causing unattractive floors and poor structural support.

Carpet over Hardwood

Many clients have placed carpet and underpad over hardwood floors for a variety of reasons. Carpet and underpad can be dried; however, the hardwood flooring underneath may absorb moisture, causing some of the effects previously mentioned, and it may be permanently damaged.

SERVPRO can help minimize the damage by removing the surface water immediately and then focusing on drying the wood flooring before cupping, crowning, warping, buckling, or disintegration occurs.

Call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Lake Lamonia, Homestead Ridge, Bradfordville, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Can Help If Your Water Heater Causes Water Damage In Tallahassee

10/4/2019 (Permalink)

A leaking faucet on a water heater For more information or to have a team come out to your residence, call (850) 536-6599 today.

Water Heater Leaks Require Water Cleanup in Tallahassee

Did you know that water-related claims are among the second most common insurance claims filed in the US after wind and hail damage? While Floridians are used to damage from storms and floods, homeowners also need to look out for another common culprit: their water heater. If left unchecked, a leak in a water heater can quickly turn into gallons of water soaking into your floors and damaging your possessions.

If your home requires immediate assistance after such a disaster, SERVPRO is a name you can count for professional water cleanup in Tallahassee. Technicians are fully certified and trained to focus on damage mitigation and prevention to save you time and money and restore your home to its preloss condition.

Checking Your Water Heater
Whether a corroded tank or leaky inlet is the culprit, here are the steps you can take to minimize damage:

    •    Locate the leak. Check around the inlet and outlet connections, look for corrosion around the tank itself, and examine the valves.

    •    Turn off your water heater. This could be done by turning off a dial or switch or by using your circuit breaker. Make use of the shutoff valve near the tank to slow leaks.

    •    Drain the tank. If you cannot undertake repairs yourself, call a plumber or repair technician right away to fix it for you.

    •    Dry the area. If you have carpet or other porous items around your tank, remove them to prevent mold and mildew proliferation. Dry wet floors and walls, ensure that your home has adequate ventilation, and use a dehumidifier or desiccant products like silica gel if you have them.

SERVPRO technicians can be at your residence within four hours to assess the damage and get started on the cleanup. Various sensors are used, including moisture sensors and infrared cameras, to determine exact moisture levels and extent of water damage behind surfaces. Technicians can use wet/dry vacuums and portable extractors to remove water from surfaces like tile flooring and address water damage to walls, upholstery, and other fixtures with the help of commercial-grade centrifugal air movers and dehumidifiers.  Experts also use OSHA-approved antimicrobial cleaners that can eliminate odor-causing bacteria and reduce the risk of further damage to your home.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is always available at a moment's notice to clean up your home. No matter the disaster, we can ensure it looks, “Like it never even happened.” For more information or to have a team come out to your residence, call (850) 536-6599 today.

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Water Damage Remediation in Tallahassee, Don’t Go At It Alone!

6/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage remediation can cause chaos. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Hose Bib Damage Can Flood Tallahassee Homes

Outside hoses are a vital component to living in the often scorching Tallahassee heat. While these connections to your outside can get used for implements like watering the lawn or filling up smaller pools, these hose bibs are also susceptible to problems of their own. Aging components alone can cause these connections to begin to leak or break down, but an unexpected impact with the outside spicket can break the pipes loose, allowing for substantial water loss incidents to occur before you can get the main supply shut down.

As unexpected of a water damage emergency as that might become for your Tallahassee home, many owners might still be under the impression that conventional drying methods can work to correct these issues. Unfortunately, with this hose bib moving through the wall to the outside of your home, a breach in this straight pipe can lead to substantial pooling and saturation of wall cavities. The faster that you can get professional water restoration specialists like our SERVPRO team involved, the better protected these affected elements are in the property.

Along with certifications in Water Restoration (WRT), many of our restoration crew also have accreditations in Applied Structural Drying (ASD). These endorsements signify a level of training and expertise to our customers that our technicians have the knowledge and the experience to overcome all of the obstacles in removing standing water from your house and drying out the affected construction materials, contents, and structural elements.

While repairing this small portion of plumbing is critical to give your home its full functionality again, we must also determine where the water damage has spread to and the best approach to drying out these effects. We can position rapid drying equipment in critical areas to maximize results, and in some cases, must also perform flood cuts to replace overly affected and compromised sections of drywall or paneling.

While homeowners often worry little about the status of their hose bib and connections to the interior plumbing, this could be an area worth inspecting from time to time. If you find yourself facing a water loss emergency, you can count on the fast response of our SERVPRO of North Leon County team. Give us a call at (850) 536-6599.

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Gas-Powered Extractors for Water Removal in Tallahassee Homes

5/31/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let your electricity stop your water damage clean up.

Call SERVPRO today to find out how we can help you take care of your water damage. 

There are many disasters like water loss incidents that can affect the power and electricity to your Tallahassee home. While our professionals can often supply temporary power for our recovery equipment and practices, not to mention to help our customers, it is sometimes beneficial to utilize some of our equipment that does not require electricity. In situations where substantial water loss incidents have taken place, leaving several inches of standing water in certain areas of your property, our team has the appropriate equipment that does not put a strain on the generator and removes this pooling water quickly and effectively.

Water removal is one of the most vital steps to the recovery of water loss incidents in your Tallahassee property. With multiple extractors available to our SERVPRO professionals, gas-powered trash pumps can provide a powerful draw of standing water in your property without a demand on the temporary power solutions within the house.

From the time that our SERVPRO technicians first arrive at your home, we can get to work quickly on setting up this temporary power to help run the other mitigation and restoration equipment in the recovery of your home. In situations where a family does not need to vacate on account of the water loss recovery, our large generators can supply the whole house with electricity to allow for a more comfortable existence while work continues on the premises.

Trash pumps are less portable and maneuverable as many of our submersible pumps or the wet-vacs with extraction wands that our SERVPRO team can also utilize, but these gas-powered options have a much more powerful extraction force. These machines are ideal for situations where there are several inches of standing water or more, and when the extractor truck is either too much force for the severity of the damage or unnecessary for the situation.

There are many reasons why our gas-powered trash pumps can see usage when extracting standing water from a loss incident in your home. No matter when disaster strikes, or how severe the effects, you can count on our SERVPRO of North Leon County professionals to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (850) 536-6599.

We Tackle Clean Water Emergencies In Tallahassee

4/12/2019 (Permalink)

We have equipment waiting to restore your home after water damage. We are available 24/7 so don't hesitate and call us right away.

Limiting Microbial Growth when Water Damage Happens in your Tallahassee Home

If at some point during the ownership of your property you are faced with the prospect of damages it is vital to reach out to a professional restoration provider. One of the most common causes of property damage is excess water which can intrude into the home environment from a malfunctioning HVAC system, heavy rainfall or problems with internal plumbing. Sometimes, a situation like this can develop outside of your view and only become apparent after the damage is done.

We pride ourselves on restoring properties to their preloss conditions after suffering water damage in Tallahassee. One area that has become an increasingly noticeable issue in the industry is the impact of microbial growth on the home. Where there is water, there are microbes and when these bacterias are given the right conditions- a warm, humid environment- they can proliferate rapidly.

Excess water that has intruded into the home can raise the humidity levels in the affected area. At above 60% GPP, microbes begin to germinate. A SERVPRO technician is trained to measure and control humidity levels using a combination of thermo-hygrometers and dehumidifiers. Bringing humidity under control quickly is essential since mold spores can begin to grow in as little as 12 hours in the right conditions.

The majority of the work we carry out is tackling clean water emergencies. Clean water emergencies are usually from a clean source like a water pipe or HVAC system. However, failure to control microbial growth can see clean water deteriorate into a grey or black water emergency. SERVPRO technicians are given PPE to allow them to safely work in an area where there is a heavy microbial presence, but we may place physical barriers to prevent microbes spreading.

The most effective way to control microbial growth is by removing water and controlling humidity levels. We use industrial extraction units that combine vacuum strength with heated elements to remove hundreds of gallons of water. With water removed, we can double protect your property by treating surfaces with Biocides and anti-microbial treatments.

Light property water damages can deteriorate without immediate attention, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for help.

This month, the City of Tallahassee is celebrating Earth Month click here for more information.

Don't Waste Time! Some Facts to Start Effective Water Damage Remediation in Tallahassee

4/7/2019 (Permalink)

Our technicians arrive with advanced equipment to figure out the extent of the water damage in your home. Contact SERVPRO for efficient remediation.

Scoping Helps in Restoration of Water Damage in Tallahassee

Cases of water damage require immediate action to restore the property to its preloss state. However, starting restoration processes without doing some evaluation first can lead to problems that can affect the outcome or delay the process. Before doing restoration in Tallahassee properties experiencing water loss, we do thorough scoping first.

Every case of water damage in Tallahassee is unique, and therefore most homeowners are not sure what immediate effects an incident has and what processes follow. Our SERVPRO technicians first reassure the homeowner since they have vast experience dealing with similar cases. We then inspect the contents and the structure to figure out the necessary drying and safety procedures.

Scoping helps establish the source of water and whether it has stopped. It also helps establish whether clean or gray water is involved and how long the water has been standing in the building. If pooling water sits for too long, it can deteriorate from one level of contamination to another so a situation that initially involved clean water may end up becoming a gray water loss. Our SERVPRO technicians can fix small leaks to stop more water from flowing into the building. Based on the amount of water in the building, we can select the right water extraction equipment including high capacity ones such as the truck-mounted water extractors.

An evaluation also helps establish all areas the water reaches. Even areas far away from the source might be affected since the water seeps into porous materials then migrates widely. Leaving materials wet after restoring the property can lead to other problems such as microbial growth. Our SERVPRO technicians use sophisticated moisture detection tools including moisture sensors, moisture meters, and FLIR thermal cameras. Using such equipment, we can tell whether walls, cabinets, baseboards, carpets, ducts or crawl spaces need drying. Such information helps set drying goals.

If there is a water spill in your Centerville, Florida State University or Lake Lamonia property, call SERVPRO of North Leon County to help evaluate the damage and mount the right response. You can reach us at (850) 536-6599 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Water Loss in North Leon County? Contact a Premier Restoration Company Like SERVPRO -- We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

3/12/2019 (Permalink)

"I Love Tallahassee" and the Water Loss Restoration Services of SERVPRO

Depend on SERVPRO for Every Aspect of Your North Leon County Water Removal Needs

Water is a necessity of life. We drink it, cook with it, wash with it, cool with it, and clean with it. Throughout every home and commercial property, it is available readily, directly plumbed into faucets, sinks, appliances, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and more. When the pipes, fittings, and hoses containing and directing this essential flow of fluid become corroded, loose, or cracked water can invade a property in large quantities and with considerable force. Removing the water fast is essential as it is incredibly destructive to building materials and contents.

In the Florida panhandle water also falls from the sky as rain, sometimes as a gentle sprinkle and other times as a fierce storm. Rapid and complete water removal in a property after heavy precipitation causes an intrusion through a roof leak, or overland flash flooding is just as crucial as when a plumbing or appliance fail fills a home with moisture. Partnering with our reliable team of water damage experts can prevent the ruin of a business or loss of a home.

Property owners get the best water removal results when the team from SERVPRO of North Leon County is on the scene. Customers can reach us 24/7 because we know how critical fast evacuation of water is to a successful restoration. Managing a water event requires skilled technicians, high-efficiency equipment, and a remediation company that puts the customer’s needs first and foremost. We are proud to meet all of these requirements for every project, large or small.

When SERVPRO arrives, a seasoned crew leader assesses the water damage, devises a plan, and gets the crew to work. If areas of your property need to be secured with tarps or boards, we are on that part of the job first. Fully stocked service vehicles then support our ability to respond to water removal fast. Onboard each signature green truck are pumps and water extractors that can take on with ease even a significant commercial water event. If the electricity on your property is unavailable temporarily because of a storm or other safety concern our gas-powered pumps and truck-mounted and generated extractors prevent any delay.

SERVPRO prioritizes advanced and continuing IICRC training for our work crews and managers. The industry-leading knowledge of water removal science and strategy shared with our team through this coursework is second to none. Our commitment to supporting our technicians with both this targeted training and the on-the-job opportunity for hands-on experience with master water mitigation personnel means we handle your job in the most efficient, professional, and safe manner possible.

Learning how to evaluate the three categories of water from clean, to gray, to black is vital to ensuring we respond appropriately to contaminants found in the waters threatening your home or business. Water removal procedures vary depending upon the category, with clean water simply requiring evacuation into sewer systems. The increasing contamination with gray and black waters might include the need to contain and dispose of the water as hazardous waste. SERVPRO is familiar with the rules and regulations about contaminated water in all of the communities we serve near the capital city region. This ensures both yours and public safety when we respond to your water loss.  

One aspect of water removal the average home or business owner might not consider until it happens is the need for it after suffering a fire. Firefighters use copious quantities of water as they extinguish a blaze. Getting the water out of the structure is necessary before the SERVPRO team can move on to soot cleanup, charring management, deodorization, and a host of other tasks. Because the water is by definition contaminated after a fire, the expertise of our trained crews is the key to your health and well-being. Other restoration tasks can commence safely once we address the slip and fall and electric shock potential at the scene.

The speed with which the SERVPRO responds to any Florida water removal situation is the foundation of our success. Water damage is immediate for some porous materials and progresses swiftly the longer the moisture remains. Some materials such as insulation and carpet padding might need replacement regardless of how quickly we respond. Other items are salvageable if water is extracted and drying goals are met. It is imperative that moisture levels decrease to normal within 24 to 48 hours to avoid the risk of mold growth.

Do-it-yourself water removal in the Tallahassee area is not recommended. The tools a home or business owner possesses rarely have the capacity of our industrial strength equipment. Even if a commercial building has a regular in-house or contracted cleaning crew, hiring our Tallahassee water damage restoration experts is the most time and cost effective method of mitigating water losses because we specialize in water disaster restoration.

Challenges that only a dedicated water removal team can conquer reliably include finding and extracting hidden caches of water. Our water damage techs use thermal imaging and moisture probes and other sensitive tools to locate water under floors, behind walls, and in other cavities. Specially designed equipment like floor drying mats and wall access drying options like the Injectidry system help pull moisture from spaces otherwise difficult to reach.

SERVPRO technicians are skilled in moisture measurement and monitoring, fundamental concepts to completing water removal in your home or business in northern Florida. Moisture can linger in building materials long after standing water is just a memory. Our crews use a combination of air movement, heat, and dehumidification to dry out the structural components of your property. We check on moisture levels throughout the project to make sure we hit the goal for each kind of material. The green fleet has heated air movers and both desiccant and evaporative dehumidifiers on each truck to accelerate the process.

Working seamlessly through the steps needed for water removal is our mission and delivering your property back after a water loss “Like it never even happened.” is our goal. Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 for expert assistance with any size water loss.

Is There Hidden Water Damage in Your Tallahassee Property?

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO Franchise professionals at the first sign of water damage.

Finding and Repairing Hidden Water Damage in your Tallahassee Property

Water that appears clean to the naked eye can still carry and attract microbial bacteria. If left alone clean water can stagnate and move to a more severe stage classed as Grey Water or even Black Water, which is harmful to your health. A small-scale caused by a leaking pipe should always be remedied by a professional with an awareness of potential outcomes and the associated property damages.

Leaks occurring in a non-frequented area of the home in like a wall cavity or attic space can cause permanent water damage in Tallahassee. Reaching out to SERVPRO Franchise professionals immediately for assistance could help to contain the issue and avoid expensive replacements and remodeling work. Our technicians are local to the area and have experience in dealing with properties like yours.

Since our inception, SERVPRO has a superb record of helping property owners overcome these issues. We provide employees with the training and qualifications they need to be consistently effective. On top of that, our technicians have access to modern equipment which can make a critical difference in your restoration service.

Two types of equipment that SERVPRO can make available to our water technicians are injectidry systems and drying mats. Both are designed to drain moisture from difficult to reach areas such as wall cavities or beneath floorboards. Using vacuum power and injectors or mats these technologies are incredibly effective at drawing water. In the long run, deploying this type of equipment can prevent unpleasant odors or secondary damages like mold growth.

The restoration of possessions after coming into contact with water is not always easy. However, we promise to work with restoration over replacement. In severe situations, we can perform pack out services which involve sending items to external cleaning facilities, treating them with industrial-grade ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Usually, odors in the home pass once moisture is dried. If this is not the case, our odor control technicians can thoroughly deodorize the affected area.

If you are struggling to deal with property damages by yourself, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599.

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When A Kitchen Appliance Causes Water Damage To Your Tallahassee Home, Our Experts Are Faster To Any Size Disaster!

12/4/2018 (Permalink)

Supply lines are essential to your dishwasher, but they can leave you in need of water cleanup services when they break.

A Broken Dishwasher Supply Line Can Leave Your Tallahassee Home In Need Of Water Cleanup Services

Supply lines are essential to get water from your plumbing into your dishwasher, but they can leave you in need of water cleanup services when they break. As they break, gallons of water can leak out and spill onto your kitchen floor, pooling and causing a rather large puddle in the middle of your hardwood floors. In order to prevent further damage, it is essential for you to get in contact with a professional remediation and cleanup company so they can address the water spilled out onto the floor.

Leaving water damage in your Tallahassee kitchen untouched by professionals for an extended period can destroy your property. The liquid can seep into your floor and cause stress to the hardwood, making it bubble, swell, and even split. Furthermore, the water can begin to absorb into the base of your cabinets that run along the floor of your kitchen. As they are also made of wood, they can begin to become misshapen and even mold if left too long.

The faster that you get professionals inside of your kitchen to clean up the mess your dishwasher caused, and to dry any overly moist areas, the better it can be for the longevity of your home. When you contact SERVPRO, we always rush to arrive at your home swiftly with a team of expertly trained IICRC-certified technicians. We know that the sooner we arrive, the better it is for you.

SERVPRO can use advanced equipment to clean up the water on your hardwood flooring, such as powerful industrial-quality wet/dry vacuums. Once the water has been removed, our experts can check the moisture levels and then begin to set up other pieces of equipment up which are designed to draw moisture out of the structure of your home.

SERVPRO technicians can set up air movers, axial fans, and dehumidifiers to help reduce the moisture levels inside of your home to an acceptable level. Furthermore, we are known for our use of drying mats and our injectidry systems, which also help reduce moisture levels inside your home. Once the levels are brought down, we can clean up and then your home feeling as it did before the accident in your kitchen happened.

If an appliance should leave you in need of water cleanup services, never wait to call them for help. Phone (850) 536-6599 to speak with SERVPRO of North Leon County. No matter the time or date that you call, our technicians are ready to help.

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Residential Water Removal in Tallahassee

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A broken water line or hose in your home can cause a great deal of water damage before it is found. Call SERVPRO immediately.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive On the Scene With Equipment to Effectively Dry Out Your Home After Water Damage

Even with the storms of last year, most Tallahassee residential water damage comes from common sources like a split water line running to the dishwasher or your refrigerator’s ice maker. While it can be as physically damaging as storm flooding, water from a plumbing issue is not considered to be contaminated.
For a Tallahassee home needing water removal, this means a SERVPRO restoration team can bring in the right equipment and get started immediately. No time is lost to spraying water surfaces with anti-bacterial or anti-fungal agents to protect technicians or residents from potential hazards.
In private homes in Florida, there are no basements and rarely a sub-floor space, so the water inside is usually shallow unless the surrounding landscape drains into the home. That means our technicians do not need a commercial pump to remove large amounts of water, and instead use extraction wands to draw water off of the floors and out of the carpets.
The extraction wands in our equipment inventory come in a variety of types and sizes. For small rooms, team members use a portable device that captures water in a separate tank. For larger rooms and hallways, there is also an extractor that a SERVPRO technician stands on as it propels itself across the room. Both work well on carpets and wood flooring.
Every extraction device in our inventory has adjustable vacuum speeds and a heating element. These settings help our trained specialists match the type of carpet to ensure the water is removed quickly without causing damage to the nap of the carpet or accidentally overheating the glue holding the layers together, separating them and causing air pockets to form. Careful application of heat also helps speed the process of drying out wood floors without causing or aggravating any warping or cracking of the floorboards.
To finish the task, technicians use air movers to force warm, dry air across floors and underneath carpets. This process dries both, removing the last traces of moisture, and returning the home to its original condition.
Regardless of how the water got into your home, you need to remove it as quickly as possible. If you need us, call SERVPRO of North Leon County today at (850) 536-6599. We are here to help you return your home, and life, back to normal.

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Fast and Efficient Water Removal in Tallahassee

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Knowing this Green Vehicle Is at Your Home for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration in the Tallahassee Area Means All Is Well

Rely on SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Damage with Rapid Extraction and Drying

Water damage is one the most severe events in a home or organization. SERVPRO has a highly trained team in water removal and damage restoration for both commercial and residential water losses. The working team follows the best practices of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification IICRC, and they are certified to have exceeded the expected industry demands.

The source of the water is not a problem to the team since there is cutting edge equipment handled by qualified technicians to perform the required tasks without delay. Our company has an excellent reputation for water removal and handling damage events in the Tallahassee area. When water affects a property, not to worry, our teams are well trained for any level of water removal and cleanup. Using the water extraction machines, SERVPRO team members can dry property fast and offer documentation to validate when the drying process has reached the desired moisture content level of the building materials and possessions.

The office staff, managers, and technicians all have knowledge of repair and restoration. The SERVPRO team has added the advantage of many years of working experience hence developing much confidence to handle various situations. The expert understanding of removing water helps to extract water quickly, detect moisture in a hidden area and ensure a thoroughly clean and dry home. Water damage is unique in different areas, therefore, requiring different techniques in removal and restoration, but the procedure is similar.

SERVPRO is locally owned and operated and is ready and near to help, the main aim being to make the surrounding areas including FAU free from the effects of unwanted water. The strategic position of the company plays a significant role to access many areas immediately either during the day or night. The primary goal is to return the damaged areas to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of North Leon County is a quick emergency response team ready to serve you at any time of the day. Contact us 24/7 by calling (850) 536-6599 in Tallahassee, FSU, and Centerville.

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Water Damage Odors in Tallahassee Can Make Your Home Smell

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

When you have water leaking from a broken or burst pipe, your home can quickly sustain damage. Contact SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Use Advanced Techniques to Permanently Remove Odor From Your Home

Excess water is standing in your Tallahassee home due to a pipe burst. Water migration and drying are important steps in water damage restoration, but odors can also be a factor in your home. Calling a professional may help remove or reduce strong smells in your home. The first step to deodorization is to get rid of what is causing the smell. Sewage, dirt, moisture, trash, and mildew are some of the most common sources of water damage odors.
SERVPRO water damage services in Tallahassee may include deodorization. The most common techniques we use for odor removal are injection, direct spraying and wet fogging. Before we put any of these methods in place, we take proper precautions. The technicians make sure food, pets, plants, and homeowners are not in the areas that we are going to deodorize.
The injection method involves using a syringe and needle or pump to inject small amounts of deodorant into spots on carpets or upholstery. Direct spraying includes the use of hand pumps or powered sprayers to apply disinfectants on affected areas. Wet fogging is another method we may use to remove odors. With this method, ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers dispense deodorizers. These foggers generate tiny deodorant particles that can penetrate into hidden areas and neutralize foul odors.
Our SERVPRO technicians may also use high-velocity box fans to remove odors. Fans can properly air-out structures before and after deodorization. High-velocity exhaust fans quickly ventilate the affected areas and can lessen drying time and may help remove odors from your home. We may also use air scrubbers to eliminate odors from the air. These scrubbers pull dirty air through a cycle of filters and trap particles and odors. Once that happens, the air scrubber exhausts clean air back into the home environment. When possible, these methods help freshen your home by removing odors.
SERVPRO of North Leon County offers top quality and efficient water damage services in your area that can help remove strong odors such as mildew from your home. Contact us at (850) 536-6599 24/7.

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Water Removal and Drying Techniques In Tallahassee for Furnishings

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Call SERVPRO For Water Removal in Tallahassee and the Surrounding Areas Homes and Furnishings

SERVPRO's Knowledge, Equipment, and Team Handle Water Damaging Events

Whenever moisture affects your Tallahassee condo, both contents and building materials can get damaged. After any water present gets extracted using advanced equipment, both structural drying and the drying of contents takes place. During both procedures, air movers and dehumidifiers get set up to create ideal conditions for rapid drying.
Drying equipment helps speed up evaporation and can be useful for dehydrating contents and structural building materials. Tallahassee's water removal technicians know that moisture can cause several problems with contents such as furniture. Both wooden furniture and upholstery can get ruined when saturated.
Wood furniture can get water spots if near leaks. Water spots can get removed using specialized wood care products if caught while still wet. Moisture can also cause swelling, cracking, and the loosening of joints. If the damage to furniture is severe, then a furniture refinisher gets contacted to repair the item.
Some types of furniture are made of particle board that reacts poorly when it comes into contact with water. The laminate covering one side of the particle board can act as a vapor barrier, whereas the non-laminated side can absorb moisture. When one side of the material gets wet and the other does not, warping of the furniture can take place. The moisture removal process must be monitored to ensure that the extraction is not too rapid. This can cause wood to split.
When removing water from a piece of furniture's upholstery, our SERVPRO technicians utilize specific techniques. First, all furniture stains get treated with a stain removal agent. If necessary, we wet the entire piece of furniture evenly so that water spotting does not occur.
Next, the extraction phase begins, utilizing different tools as needed. A medium sized extraction wand can be implemented on large pieces of furniture. Smaller units and those made with delicate materials get extracted with a small upholstery extraction tool.
After moisture gets extracted out of the upholstery, the drying process occurs. To prevent rust stains, metal buttons get dried out first, and wax paper gets placed in between the fabric and any metal parts such as zippers. The piece of furniture gets put on small blocks of foam and cushions are placed in a "tent" formation to concentrate on moisture removal from the fabric and the filler material.
In many water damage scenarios, furniture items require particular attention to avoid damage. If you ever need professional help with content drying, call SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599 any day of the week.

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What to Do When Your Home in Tallahassee Has Excess Water That Needs to Be Removed

3/18/2018 (Permalink)

If your dishwasher malfunctions, it could cause gallons of water to spill onto your kitchen floors. Call SERVPRO to remove the water fast.

SERVPRO Acts Fast to Restore Your Home after Water Damage

The water removal process after a dishwasher has malfunctioned and leaked water everywhere in your kitchen can be daunting. Once stopped, cleaning up the remaining water from the leak in your Tallahassee home is not a task you should have to do yourself. After all, this task requires specialty equipment.

The leftover water from the leak is more than what a towel can mop up, and it is sinking into the floors of your Tallahassee home. If left unattended, the water can do untold damage to your property. Fortunately, help is never far to assist with the removal of the remaining water and process of drying out your home.

SERVPRO can get to the scene quickly, and our excellently trained technicians understand how to deal with the excessive water. No matter the amount of water, we can remove it. Additionally, removing the excess water helps reduce the overall drying time of your property and destroys an environment in which bacteria can thrive.

The leak in your kitchen can damage your floors, cupboards, and other belongings but there is no need to worry. Our crew can work to remediate all of the damaged items and ensure their quality returns to its preloss state. Here at SERVPRO, we understand how sentimental and valuable your belongings can be, and we strive to make sure you that can keep them.

To address the lingering water, we can use truck-mounted and industrial quality wet/dry vacuums to remove the excess. If our vacuums are not enough, it is not the end of our help. We can also employ powerful submersible pumps to remove the water from your home. After removing the water, we can use dehumidifiers and axial fans to dry the structure of your home and your belongings.

If an appliance breaks and spills water all over your property, do not wait. No matter the time, Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County at (850) 536-6599. We can employ our technicians promptly and address the situation, so you can feel "Like it never even happened."

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The Benefits Residents of Tallahassee Get from Water Removal Services

2/8/2018 (Permalink)

Call on the professionals at SERVPRO when you experience water damage, we are experienced and trained in water removal.

Professional Water Removal Services Can Save Your Property

Naturally, it is expected any property owner in Tallahassee to react in a certain way when there is flooding or any water damage related issues. Nevertheless, what are the right procedures to follow as far as water removal is concerned? How do you determine the contents to replace and what is salvageable after such a disaster? You need a peace of mind during this stressful time, and professional services is the answer.

The timing determines the success of any water removal situation in Tallahassee. It is advisable you report the incident immediately after it happens to prevent further damage. If SERVPRO is your preferred service provider, you should expect our technicians to respond immediately equipped with the relevant restoration equipment. Before the restoration starts, we usually inspect the level of the damage and based on the results we choose the most suitable tools and procedures to use.

Whenever water comes into contact with your contents, some absorb it, and with time they may become unsalvageable. The contents in the hard to access areas may rot, and unpleasant odors might result. To deal with these odors, our SERVPRO technicians locate their source and remove them. If they are coming from cracks and inaccessible areas, we spray deodorants by using ULV foggers or thermal foggers to neutralize them. Deodorization also sterilizes areas to prevent the growth of mold.

Drying the wet areas is very crucial during the restoration, and as a result, we set up air movers to facilitate the flow of air. When evaporation occurs, the air acquires additional moisture, and that can lead to additional problems. With time, this additional moisture cools down and settles on the walls and under sub-floors and lead to possible damage. That is why we perform dehumidification to draw the suspended moisture from the surrounding areas.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is an experienced leader in mold, fire, storm and water damage restoration. Call us at (850) 536-6599 when faced with any disaster.

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Irma Transforms From Hurricane To Destructive Tropical Storm In Tallahassee

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Keeps Tallahassee Dry with Prompt Water Removal After Floods, Hurricanes, or Just a Leaky Appliance

SERVPRO Supports Your Damaged Property with Swift Water Removal and Clean Up

If Irma damaged your home, it matters little if it was designated a hurricane or a tropical storm when it blew through your neighborhood. Twenty-two miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, the city of Tallahassee still had over 40,000 households without power and 3000 individuals forced to move to shelters because of the destruction. We understand the force a tropical storm brings, and offer help to all in the capital city area.

Homes suffer tremendous hurricane damage from downed trees and power lines even when the winds decrease. Torrential rains add to the homeowner’s misery if missing sections of walls or roofs allow water to collect in your residence. Recovery from this type of destruction requires teams of skilled and trained technicians as well as heavy-duty equipment to remove water from your Tallahassee property and dry out the structure and contents.
Upon arrival at your storm-torn home, SERVPRO team members first assess the risk entailed for both residents and themselves if work progresses. Live electrical lines must be dealt with by utility crews before we start securing your home by boarding and tarping up areas open to the elements. After protecting the house, an experienced project manager develops a plan to remove water, dry spaces, and begin general cleanup.
Our truck-mounted submersible pumps and powerful water extractors thankfully do not rely on local electricity to do their work. Often the water flooding through your home after a hurricane or tropical storm is contaminated. Nearby drainage systems overflow and send debris, sewage, and even dead animals into your home. SERVPRO technicians are familiar with gray and black water protocols, containing the water for proper and legal disposal.
Once most of the water is removed, drying commences. Air movers and dehumidifiers lower the interior moisture levels in the structures and air. Our experts seek out hidden pockets of water and use proven strategies to release them. As drying moves toward the goals established by moisture monitoring, we use effective antimicrobials to sanitize affected areas.
Exterior and interior repairs complete the process, with SERVPRO collaborating with your contractors of choice. Throughout the process we keep your insurance company informed and involved to minimize your out of pocket expenses.
SERVPRO of North Leon County is equipped and staffed to help your hurricane damage recovery. Call for an inspection at (850) 536-6599.

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Damage in Tallahassee from Your Water Heater

10/6/2017 (Permalink)

Exchange Your Tallahassee Home's Water Heater Before Leakage

Prevent Water Issues by Inspecting Your Water Heater -- SERVPRO Tip

Your water heater has a usable lifespan of 8 to 12 years, according to experts. It can last longer, but with each additional year, you risk problems due to deterioration, rust, and cracks. The team at SERVPRO sees flooded basements in Tallahassee on a regular basis, many due to a water heater long past its prime.
As a homeowner, you suffer from more than water damage in Tallahassee when a heater wears out. It can also create a significant hole in your budget. A flooded basement warps floors, stains walls, ruins carpets and contributes to mold and mildew growth in boxes of stored goods.
The best way to avoid a slow leak from a failing water heater is to replace it after 10 years. If you choose not to invest the money, you can reduce your risk by inspecting the appliance at least once a month. Look for condensation, drops of water on the floor, rusting around the holding pan or couplings, and signs of warping on floors and walls around it.
The experts at SERVPRO suggest that you always inspect your water heater before taking off on vacation. It is easy for a small crack to become a major leak. If you are not around, the water can create a flood in your basement, destroying your possessions.
If your water heater springs a leak, we are here to help. Our team is highly trained and certified to the highest industry standards by the IICRC Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the group that sets best practices and criteria for quality work.
At SERVPRO, we approach cleanup with a focus on restoring your space, replacing only when necessary. After a complete inspection and assessment, we extract as much water as possible. Then we concentrate on drying the area, using state-of-the-art air movers and dehumidifiers. Then we clean and sanitize your basement rooms, and deodorize it. When we finish, it looks "Like it never even happened.”
For all types of water damage services, SERVPRO of North Leon County is here to help. We are available 24/7, (850) 536-6599, serving Tallahassee, Centerville, and Meridian.

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Finding A Solution To Water Damage In Your Tallahassee Area Home

8/4/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage in Tallahasse? Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Provides Skilled, Professional Services for Water Intrusion Mitigation

You are up for quite an adventure when dealing with water damage in your home; there are many things to think about throughout your journey, some that make a huge difference in the results you receive.

Dealing with the aftermath of water intrusion often leaves you wondering how to address water damage on your Tallahassee property. With a variety of companies in existence these days, finding the right one can be quite a pain. Luckily, if you understand what to look for, this task can be easier than you might think.

A quality water damage restoration company offers a variety of services. The years of experience a company has in the industry makes all of the difference in the quality of the service you receive. You want to look for someone who does pre-recovery assessments to determine the proper avenue to take initially. However, you also want someone who manages the entire affair, including repairs, someone like SERVPRO.

A full inspection of your property helps locate hidden dangers, reduce secondary damages, and gives technicians a good action plan. Directing their attention to primary locations throughout your home can help workers reduce any losses you experience. These inspections also help point technicians in the right direction, focusing on certain areas of your home that hold higher significance.  
The company you use, should give you a full description of their services and produce price estimates before work begins. If they deviate from the plan at all, you and your insurance company need to know, immediately. Our local SERVPRO keeps you informed throughout the entire restoration process. We provide services that get the water out of your home and do everything to protect what is left. We help you with your claims paperwork regarding the restoration.

SERVPRO also has access to fully licensed contractors, with experience in performing everything from full remodels, to placing the finishing touches on specific areas. Our technicians can make your entire experience much better, leaving you with the satisfaction of knowing that an experienced professional produced quality results, just for you.

Contact SERVPRO of North Leon County to receive quality work from IICRC certified water damage professionals, today. (850) 536-6599

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Hidden Water Signs in your Tallahassee Home

7/17/2017 (Permalink)

Wall stains are often an indication of water damage or possible mold. Call our team of trained technicians to investigate the problem.

Having Professionals Inspect Your Home for Possible Water Damage can Help Prevent Any Secondary Damage

Since water flows anywhere it wants once it is loose inside your home, you need to be aware of signs of water damage in areas which are hidden. The amount of interior spaces and voids where water can penetrate and stay unseen are just about unlimited.
That big pool of standing water in the middle of the floor is the easy part to see and clean, but what about the hidden water damage that is lurking in your Tallahassee home? Knowing what to look for helps you to find the damage faster before more can take place.
SERVPRO can come to your rescue when you find any hidden water damage. As a professional water damage remediation company, we can handle any water damage quickly and efficiently.
First, be aware of any unpleasant odors. Hidden residual water stagnates and encourages bacterial and mold growth, which makes an earthy, musty smell – an enormous red flag you have unseen water damage. You should also be aware of visible mold growth. Airborne mold spores are microscopic and can find their way into hidden crannies in your home’s structure. Water does too, and when moisture touches dormant mold spores, active mold growth starts. If you see fuzzy discolorations in spaces which are out of the way, have one of our SERVPRO technicians check it out.
Stains on ceilings and walls are also a telltale sign. Water which seeps into wall voids and the space in between levels can look like a blotch or stain as it saturates the ceiling or wall board next to it.
Peeling paint on the outside of the wall is another symptom of loose water in your wall spaces. Drywall saturates and the paint the loses its adhesion. Sagging ceilings and walls are also an indication that drywall or ceiling materials are saturated. They become quite heavy with added water weight and start to buckle and deform eventually.
The water looks for the lowest levels and seeps under floor coverings such as tile, carpet, and vinyl, soaking the subfloor as well. It may be necessary for us to remove some of the floor coverings, especially carpeting and padding.
At SERVPRO, we have tools such as moisture meters which can find the hidden moisture fast. We look for mold growth and clean that up as well if needed. Drywall and other damaged materials are replaced, and the affected areas are thoroughly dried with industrial fans and dehumidifiers.
SERVPRO of North Leon County is ready whenever you need us for a water emergency. You just have to dial our number at (850) 536-6599, and we come quickly to your home to restore it back to its original shape. We also do water removal for Florida State University.

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Get The Help You Deserve To Tackle Water Damage In Your Tallahassee Home Today

4/10/2017 (Permalink)

Tallahassee Homeowners Benefit from SERVPRO for Water Removal from Their Homes

SERVPRO Answers the Call for Water Removal in Tallahassee and the FSU Area

A leaky roof, broken appliance, and plumbing issues affect more homeowners that you may think. Getting things under control often requires the attention of a professional restoration company, which means that the type of insurance you obtain is important.
Do you have a plan for when an incident like water damage strikes your Tallahassee area home? Water damage can produce devastating results; even small leaks lead to massive amounts of damage that wreak havoc on your living environment.
Having a relationship with a quality restoration company, like SERVPRO, before problems exist on your property gives you a variety of options you would not have otherwise. We can help you prepare your home for common issues affecting homeowners in your area and give you the assistance you need during an emergency that helps get things back to normal quickly.
SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and follow EPA and OSHA safety standards and practices to provide you with the services you need. Making the call to our offices, before you need us, gives us an opportunity to inspect your property and assist you with preparing your home and avoid problems that can create substantial problems.
We have professional technicians available to test the grading on your property, install the proper drainage, backflow valves, and submersible pumps to help protect your home during a flood. We can also inspect your entire home to protect it against seasonal changes, insulating pipes and performing encapsulation services to improve your indoor air quality and the whole living environment of your home.
SERVPRO gives you access to industrial-grade water extraction equipment, including hand-held and truck mounted extractors of all shapes and sizes that make reaching hidden moisture an easy task. We also have a variety of moisture detectors, air movers, dehumidifiers and other drying equipment that helps provide you with a quick, efficient drying process.
We manage your entire restoration from start to finish, handling everything including water removal, drying, cleaning, deodorization and the repair of any damaged areas in your home. Our services are designed to provide you with a one-stop solution for all of your restoration needs, making it as stress-free as possible.
Get water under control now, contact SERVPRO of North Leon County to obtain the services you deserve. (850) 536-6599

Recognizing Water Damage In Your Tallahassee Home Early To Prevent Additional Loss

2/7/2017 (Permalink)

Damage from Water to Foundations and Basements in Tallahassee Is Frequent

Be Aware for Signs of Water Damage to Your Home Tallahassee Property

Many homeowners take on the responsibility of performing visual spot checks in various areas of their home every year to get ahead of possible water damage that may exist. However, as a new homeowner, you may not understand what to look for, or where to look.
It is important to remain vigilant in your battle against water damage in your Tallahassee home. Existing homeowners find value in recognizing these signs early on, to help avoid turning small leaks into major issues that affect their homes. However, if you are selling or purchasing a new home, you may want to read further as well.
At SERVPRO, we find that water can cause damage virtually anywhere in your home, but you can inspect a few high-risk areas to help prevent significant losses from developing if you manage to catch them early enough and contact professional help immediately after discovering the problem that exists.
One of the easily recognized signs of water damage that you may experience are stains that develop on your walls or ceilings, while stains around your windows, or door frames are also a common sight. Leaky pipes or cracked drains inside of your walls can cause drywall and other structural materials to expand and crack in various areas, sometimes leaving behind a swollen appearance or a soft-to-the-touch spongy area.
SERVPRO also receives many calls for water damage in flooring, which often leave behind white or dark stains on wood floors or wet carpeting that is accompanied by a musty damp odor. Besides the stains, your flooring may have bubbles developing on the edges or in other areas of the floor, or have warped or buckled sections. Ignoring these issues gives water free reign over these areas, eventually soaking into and causing damage to your sub-floor and foundation as well.
You should also inspect household plumbing in areas with a constant moisture source, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements. Locating possible corrosion, leaks, or water stains and performing regular maintenance on plumbing fixtures to determine whether loose caulking or missing grout is the result of water seepage caused by a larger problem.
Inspect your attic and basement several times per year to catch mold growth that may cause health issues, looking for cracks in your foundation, or damage to your roof, stains, rust, dampness, mold, or additional odors that you cannot explain. The professional services offered at SERVPRO may be necessary to help correct many of these issues and return your home to a quality pre-water damage condition.
When you locate a water damage issue in your home, do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO of North Leon County immediately, time is essential. (850) 536-6599

Here's Why Professional Water Removal Is More Effective Than DIY Methods

10/8/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Professionally Restores Water Damaged Properties in Centerville

Save Money and Aggravation, Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Problems

After a water emergency that floods a home or business, the last thing that most people want to deal with is a bill for cleaning up the damage. This is what leads many homeowners to attempt water extraction on their own instead of calling a professional.
If you're in need of water removal in Centerville, you may be tempted to save money by trying to get rid of the excess water on your own. However, going this route typically has more consequences than benefits and will result in greater losses of time, money, and your possessions in the long run. Here's why calling SERVPRO for professional water removal is a smart move.
Professional water extraction works extremely well.
While some homeowners resort to opening windows and doors, turning on ceiling fans, and blotting towels around the house, SERVPRO has powerful equipment that ensures efficient and thorough water removal. We're also often able to restore documents, books, furnishings, and electronic devices affected by water damage, plus we'll get your home's humidity back to an appropriate level.
Many water emergencies are hazardous.
If your house has been flooded with gray or black water, such as that from a natural disaster, backed up sewer line, or a leaky toilet, expert attention to the problem is best. These types of water are risky for untrained persons to handle because it involves disease causing waste and debris. This is the type of material that can't simply be put out with the week's garbage and needs proper and safe disposal.  We're knowledgeable about how to get rid of contaminated waste during water extraction, so there are no lingering health risks to your family or pets.
It's important to consider mold and mildew.
One reason that so many homeowners who attempt DIY water removal eventually end up calling a pro is unseen damage caused by mold and mildew. While your flooring and possessions may look and feel dry, without proper water extraction and controlling humidity mold and mildew will thrive, cause off odors, and ruin your home's structure along with your possessions and furniture. SERVPRO technicians are skilled at protecting against the growth of mold and mildew and have effective strategies to combat it. We have many AMRT certified technicians for this specific task.
At SERVPRO of North Leon County, we know how important it is to get your home back in order as quickly as possible. We'll help you mitigate the costs of any water emergency by restoring your possessions and preventing future damage to your home. For more information about our water removal services or to receive a quote, call us 24/7 at (850) 536-6599.

How Different Types of Flooring React to Water Damage

8/7/2016 (Permalink)

Moisture Can Get Trapped Under Wood Flooring and Cause Mold

Some Flooring Fares Well During Floods While Some Does Not

Flood damage is very rarely a light load on a home, and in the vast majority of cases, flooding has a severe negative impact on the home. In many cases, the most damaged and most concerning element of the damage is flooring. Floors are completely submerged during floods, causing water to seep in and wreak havoc. But how exactly does water damage affect different types of flooring? SERVPRO technicians are trained to deal with and restore all of these flooring types, and can help with any flooding on them.
Wood Flooring
In Tallahassee, water damage is often most pronounced on wood flooring. Wood is very vulnerable to flooding and other water damage, as its materials have been intentionally dried and when wet can rapidly change shape and warp. Flooring commonly loses color, stains, and loses shape, but thankfully we have techniques to deal with all of these problems, and can replace the floors if all else fails.
Carpeting is often typically very hard-hit by a flood. Carpets have space in between their fibers and underneath them and are usually composed of cotton, fabric, or plastic fiber, all of which are highly susceptible to permanent water damage. The aforementioned spaces can be widened, tearing the very material apart, and carpets are very prone to staining and discoloration. Where a rug of a different color is on top of a carpet, its color may bleed through and cause thick discoloration. Carpets are often ripped up and replaced after a flood to prevent serious mold growth from occurring in the home.
Tile and Concrete
Tile, concrete, and other stone floors often fare the best in a flood. The tiles themselves are typically immune to water, requiring only cleaning and sanitization following a flood. Concrete, on the other hand, may stain and become discolored, although this is typically cleanable or easily painted over. Be mindful, however, that some types of tile grout may be susceptible to water damage, and can easily grow mold. A fresh grout layer may be required following flooding over tile.
Well-equipped to deal with all types of flooring following a flood or other significant water damage, SERVPRO of North Leon County is a reliable home restoration and repair company ready to help 24/7. Call us at (850) 536-6599 for emergency water damage services.

Homes and Real Estate Affected by Water Damage can be Made Like New Again

6/26/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Increases in Tallahassee If Leaks Are Not Repaired

Water Damage in the State Capital Is Restored by SERVPRO

If you possess real estate, either your own home or rental properties, you're aware that many things can damage your investment. Instead of doing repairs yourself, you should have a professional crew that is experienced in water damage and the related problems that moisture and standing water can cause.

Damaged Interiors can Create a Loss of Enjoyment or Rental Income
Water damage in a Tallahassee home occurs quite often, and should always be taken care of immediately. Even if walls are not left soaking wet, absorbed water can wick up walls, damaging them. If water damage has happened upstairs, because an upper floor bathroom has had flooding or even a window was left open during a heavy storm, water can flow down the walls into lower stories. The water may not always be visible, either. Equipment like moisture sensors, thermal hygrometers, and infrared devices are used by SERVPRO technicians to detect the presence of water that is hidden from view.

Flooring and its coverings need to be dried quickly, and the underlay plus any supporting beams need to be inspected for damage. We employ powerful pumps, and wet vacs to extract as much water as possible before the use of drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers. If this is done quickly enough after water has been deposited by rains or by overflowing bathroom faucets, the damage caused by the presence of water can be minimalized.

Restoring Water Damaged Interiors is Less Costly When Water has Been Quickly Removed
This is because less drying time and fewer repairs are likely to be needed. This reduces the cost, as well. When fewer walls, hardwood flooring, furniture and other interior structures are damaged, the cost of materials and repairs decreases. It also means that your home or real estate property will be in habitable condition once again sooner. Water damage can create other issues too, such as bacterial and mold growth that can create adverse health effects to people. Our IICRC certified technicians from SERVPRO salvage as much as possible.

Protect Your Investment and Get the Professionals to Repair water Damage to Your Home
When you've got water damage in your home or real estate property, give SERVPRO of North Leon County a call at (850) 536-6599. We'll take care of any leftover water and then repair the damages so that you will feel "Like it never even happened."