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Water Removal Services For Your Tallahassee Area Business

12/11/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Removal Services For Your Tallahassee Area Business Your equipment does not function well when wet or even when there is excessive moisture. Contact SERVPRO after a water damage event at your business.

Our Technicians Remove Water From Your Commercial Location As Well As Properly Clean the Property to Prevent a Mold Infestation

Water entering your Tallahassee workplace can easily slow or even stop production in your factory, warehouse, or office. The hazards involved when water comes into contact with electronic machinery, or other equipment can make the situation extremely dangerous.

Finding a company you can trust to perform commercial water removal services on your Tallahassee property is not as hard as you may think. With IICRC certification, advanced equipment, and several years of experience, we are here to make sure your business remains running. Regardless of your situation, we have access to a variety of resources. No job is too big or too small; our technicians handle anything you throw our way.

SERVPRO technicians have access to extractors, air movers, dehumidifiers, and water detection devices of all types. We also have experience removing water from hard to reach places such as attics or crawl spaces, cabinets, HVAC ducting, within walls, or under carpeting and wallpaper. Our technicians make every effort to limit your losses and reduce the time it takes to get back to work.

SERVPRO technicians follow strict safety guidelines and follow specialty drying procedures to produce the highest quality results possible. We pay specific detail to equipment safety, electronics, biohazards, structural damages and any secondary problems that may arise. It is our job to help you prevent additional problems that may pop up as a result of the water intrusion, and we take our job seriously.

SERVPRO’s water removal services make controlling microbial growth and getting back to work a quick and efficient process. We use approved chemical agents, EPA registered disinfectants and advanced cleaning methods to ensure the safety and security of any job site. If you are experiencing water issues due to do improper ventilation, we can install professional equipment such as dehumidifiers and vents that help control the relative humidity on your property.

All you have to do is call SERVPRO of North Leon County to obtain quality water removal services anytime. We are available 24/7, 365, day or night, including holidays. Give us a call today; qualified professionals are standing by to assist. (850) 536-6599

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The Importance Of French Drains For Your Tallahassee Home

11/22/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Importance Of French Drains For Your Tallahassee Home New construction of any residential building in Florida is required to include a French drain system.

The Importance Of French Drains

Florida is no stranger to damaging storms. With little warning, a seemingly insignificant storm could result in significant flooding concerns across lower lying areas. If your Tallahassee home falls along these lower-lying floodplains, you are already at a higher risk for significant water damages from heavy rainfall. When you couple that with the lack of a functioning French drain system, you could quickly end up with water in your basement.

Flood damage to your Tallahassee home may not always be something that you can avoid, but if you take the appropriate precautions and implement the right equipment around your house, you might experience these conditions much less frequently. New construction of any residential building in Florida is required to include a French drain system. This perforated pipe system along your house is your last line of defense against water penetrating through your foundation.

While this might be something that contractors are required to do for modern houses, you might not have a home constructed in the time where this was a requirement. While there have always been forward thinking contractors that installed these drains underground to protect their construction for years to come, our SERVPRO team has also encountered many older homes that never had this critical line of defense put into place.

Pooling water around your foundation eventually penetrates through block and mortar. While these are some of the best building materials meant to last for years, they are not impregnable. Without a way to move this high-pressure water from the foundation walls, it is only a matter of time before it ends up inside. If that happens, you might be dealing with a substantial amount of water if the area is currently dealing with a severe storm.

Our SERVPRO emergency response team can arrive quickly to begin removing the water and repairing the damage to the foundation where water is coming in. We have a large assortment of pumps and drying equipment to eliminate the water while simultaneously working to ensure the threat of future flooding is resolved.

In any case of flood damage, your timing is critical to mitigating the losses of the affected area. The faster SERVPRO is made aware of the damage, the faster we can restore the damages and prevent them from getting worse. SERVPRO of North Leon County is only a phone call away, and you can make that call to us 24/7 at (850) 536-6599.

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Commercial Water Removal for Tallahassee Restaurants

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Removal for Tallahassee Restaurants SERVPRO restores your restaurant after water damage "Like it never even happened."

Trust SERVPRO to Thoroughly Remove Water and Mitigate Damage to Your Restaurant

Tallahassee has many excellent restaurants, and each has extensive plumbing to serve the kitchen, salad bar, and restroom facilities. A small water line break is all it takes to flood a large area.

When a Tallahassee restaurant ends up with flooding, commercial water removal is required. Starting this process soon after the water line breaks can often help us save carpeting, as well as wood flooring, much more efficiently. When these become extensively damaged, saving them becomes much less likely.

Removing water from a broken line is much more than pumping out all the standing water. SERVPRO technicians also use hand-held extractors, heated floor mats that cause an increased rate of evaporation, and massive air movers. Drying out walls, much like flooring, can save these from needing replacements, if completed quickly. Rapid drying keeps moisture from spreading in interior areas of drywall, flooring, and other materials.

Furniture can also become saturated when water wicks upward from floor-length fabric pieces. These need specialized care that our Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician (UFT) expertly provides. Protecting the look your patrons know and recognize is important to us.

In the kitchen, however, there remain a vast supply of food goods that, according to local health regulations, can no longer find their way to diners' tables. Disposing of the food inventory that came into contact with flood water is always listed on an inventory sheet. Part of restoring your restaurant includes helping you replace what the disaster destroyed.

Odor often results from saturated carpets, regardless of how clean your staff keeps them. Minute food particles that escape vacuum cleaners adds significantly to the smell. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can ensure that those dining at your establishment find no unwanted odors present to interfere with their enjoyment of your chef's creations.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is always available when you need them the most. Call us at our local number, (850) 536-6599, for the latest in technological advances that make a difference in the final result of your water removal needs.

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Call SERVPRO Even for Small Mold Problems

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Call SERVPRO Even for Small Mold Problems Having even small mold damage taken care of by professionals can prevent future, more extensive damage.

SERVPRO Keeps You in Mind When Remediating Mold Damage

Many mold damage cases in Tallahassee we are called in to deal with are not large, disastrous affairs. A great deal of our mold remediation work is done on small colonies and limited damage. If you have one such small-scale mold problem, you may be hesitant to call in professional help for fear of excessive expenses and inconveniences associated with remediation efforts. However, our work in these situations is non-invasive and often less costly than if you were to ignore the problem or try to resolve it yourself.

We keep costs down for minor mold damage cases in Tallahassee by controlling our efforts and exercising restraint in preventative measures. While caution and preparedness are important when dealing with mold, we also understand that many situations do not require the full retinue of our services or expensive treatment options. However, it is not just our cost-reduction efforts that save money on minor mold remediation jobs. Insurance companies often provide a bonus or subsidy for our services to avoid further damage to the home, and to encourage homeowners to call for professional help rather than attempting to clean up the mold on their own.

We also intentionally restrict some of our remediation efforts to make things easier for you. While we never stop short of the work required to ensure that all visible and impactful signs of mold damage have been eliminated, we also make every effort to avoid overcomplicated jobs and plans that can entangle you and your home in a lengthy and challenging remediation process. When the mold can be contained and acted against in an isolated way, we make every effort to be as non-intrusive as possible. Calling SERVPRO to resolve mold damage problems should make life more comfortable, and we take this principle to heart.

SERVPRO of North Leon County is a local damage mitigation and restoration company with national resources, training, and connections. Give us a call at (850) 536-6599 to learn more or request our services.  

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Irma Transforms From Hurricane To Destructive Tropical Storm In Tallahassee

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Irma Transforms From Hurricane To Destructive Tropical Storm In Tallahassee SERVPRO Keeps Tallahassee Dry with Prompt Water Removal After Floods, Hurricanes, or Just a Leaky Appliance

SERVPRO Supports Your Damaged Property with Swift Water Removal and Clean Up

If Irma damaged your home, it matters little if it was designated a hurricane or a tropical storm when it blew through your neighborhood. Twenty-two miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, the city of Tallahassee still had over 40,000 households without power and 3000 individuals forced to move to shelters because of the destruction. We understand the force a tropical storm brings, and offer help to all in the capital city area.

Homes suffer tremendous hurricane damage from downed trees and power lines even when the winds decrease. Torrential rains add to the homeowner’s misery if missing sections of walls or roofs allow water to collect in your residence. Recovery from this type of destruction requires teams of skilled and trained technicians as well as heavy-duty equipment to remove water from your Tallahassee property and dry out the structure and contents.
Upon arrival at your storm-torn home, SERVPRO team members first assess the risk entailed for both residents and themselves if work progresses. Live electrical lines must be dealt with by utility crews before we start securing your home by boarding and tarping up areas open to the elements. After protecting the house, an experienced project manager develops a plan to remove water, dry spaces, and begin general cleanup.
Our truck-mounted submersible pumps and powerful water extractors thankfully do not rely on local electricity to do their work. Often the water flooding through your home after a hurricane or tropical storm is contaminated. Nearby drainage systems overflow and send debris, sewage, and even dead animals into your home. SERVPRO technicians are familiar with gray and black water protocols, containing the water for proper and legal disposal.
Once most of the water is removed, drying commences. Air movers and dehumidifiers lower the interior moisture levels in the structures and air. Our experts seek out hidden pockets of water and use proven strategies to release them. As drying moves toward the goals established by moisture monitoring, we use effective antimicrobials to sanitize affected areas.
Exterior and interior repairs complete the process, with SERVPRO collaborating with your contractors of choice. Throughout the process we keep your insurance company informed and involved to minimize your out of pocket expenses.
SERVPRO of North Leon County is equipped and staffed to help your hurricane damage recovery. Call for an inspection at (850) 536-6599.

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Deodorizing Smoke Smell in Your Tallahassee Attic After Fire and Fire Damage from a Candle

10/19/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Deodorizing Smoke Smell in Your Tallahassee Attic After Fire and Fire Damage from a Candle Smoke and Fire Damage and Odors Remediated by SERVPRO in Tallahassee Properties

SERVPRO Manages Fire and Odor Control

Even a small fire in your Tallahassee home can create all sorts of damage to the structure. Fire from a candle in an upstairs bedroom, although gotten under control and put out before it reached other areas of the home, can create unseen damage above the bedroom inside your attic. The removal of smoke and soot is essential, as it is acidic and can corrode items in your home. When the smoke rises into your attic, you are looking at having to get rid of the smoke odor as well.

Smoke odor from fire damage in your Tallahassee attic can be a troublesome thing to clean. Therefore, you need our professional staff from SERVPRO to assist you. Attics present challenges which are unique when it comes to deodorizing them after a fire. Items stored in your attic may have to be moved out so we can determine whether the odors are coming from the contents or your structure. Two materials which are affected in attics are structural materials such as rafters and insulation. How badly the smoke penetrated these materials determines the procedures of deodorization we need to use.
When insulation has been severely affected by the smoke, it may need to be taken out and replaced. If air pressure was low during the fire, smoke residues likely settled on top of the insulation, meaning it could be deodorized by following some simple steps.
First, SERVPRO techs ventilate your attic area to the exterior of the structure, then we spray or ULV-fog a counteractant which is water-based. We then thermal fog your attic and if needed, put a new layer of insulation over the old.
How intense the fire also affected whether structural materials have only light smoke residues, or they are charred and damaged by heavy smoke. We ventilate your attic, then clean the residues before sealing. Smoke odor removal, regardless of burnt elements, requires careful effort, to eliminate and not mask the odors.
SERVPRO of North Leon County can expertly take care of the smoke odors in your attic after a fire. Just give us a call at (850) 536-6599 if you live in the areas of Bradfordville, Centerville, or Tallahassee.

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Damage in Tallahassee from Your Water Heater

10/6/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Damage in Tallahassee from Your Water Heater Exchange Your Tallahassee Home's Water Heater Before Leakage

Prevent Water Issues by Inspecting Your Water Heater -- SERVPRO Tip

Your water heater has a usable lifespan of 8 to 12 years, according to experts. It can last longer, but with each additional year, you risk problems due to deterioration, rust, and cracks. The team at SERVPRO sees flooded basements in Tallahassee on a regular basis, many due to a water heater long past its prime.
As a homeowner, you suffer from more than water damage in Tallahassee when a heater wears out. It can also create a significant hole in your budget. A flooded basement warps floors, stains walls, ruins carpets and contributes to mold and mildew growth in boxes of stored goods.
The best way to avoid a slow leak from a failing water heater is to replace it after 10 years. If you choose not to invest the money, you can reduce your risk by inspecting the appliance at least once a month. Look for condensation, drops of water on the floor, rusting around the holding pan or couplings, and signs of warping on floors and walls around it.
The experts at SERVPRO suggest that you always inspect your water heater before taking off on vacation. It is easy for a small crack to become a major leak. If you are not around, the water can create a flood in your basement, destroying your possessions.
If your water heater springs a leak, we are here to help. Our team is highly trained and certified to the highest industry standards by the IICRC Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the group that sets best practices and criteria for quality work.
At SERVPRO, we approach cleanup with a focus on restoring your space, replacing only when necessary. After a complete inspection and assessment, we extract as much water as possible. Then we concentrate on drying the area, using state-of-the-art air movers and dehumidifiers. Then we clean and sanitize your basement rooms, and deodorize it. When we finish, it looks "Like it never even happened.”
For all types of water damage services, SERVPRO of North Leon County is here to help. We are available 24/7, (850) 536-6599, serving Tallahassee, Centerville, and Meridian.

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Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Tallahassee

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Tallahassee Your home does not have to be submerged to need professional restoration services. If there is any amount of water in your home, call SERVPRO.

Emergency Services for Flood Damage in Your Home

Hurricane Irma, which caused a wave of tension across the country throughout the better part of August and September 2017, spared Tallahassee by a whisker - a startling reminder of the powerful force of Mother Nature. In fact, statistics from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) indicate that floods are the most common and devastating natural disaster in the U.S, causing millions of dollars in damage yearly. Vehicles, for instance, can become submerged in the floodwaters and experience serious problems, while houses may sustain extensive damage from within - ultimately diminishing their market value.

If you are at risk of flood damage in Tallahassee, it would be comforting to have a restoration company at hand. When it comes to water damage restoration, SERVPRO is your go-to solution. We have a team of highly trained technicians on call 24/7, ready to respond to any emergency. Following IICRC recommendations, we can reverse the damage and restore your property to preloss conditions in a jiffy, "Like it never even happened."

Your home does not have to be submerged in water to sustain flood damage. Even a small amount of water can lead to tremendous losses when it enters your house. So regardless of your location, it always pays to take precautionary measures.

Flood water can make its way into your home through walls, windows, doors, roof, or the floor. It can also enter through sinks, bathrooms, toilets, and other openings in your drainage system. It can come in the form of a gush of water rushing in or a slow trickle. In any case, the resultant damage can be costly.

Financially, it can ruin your doors, furniture, windows, floors, electronics and electrical fixtures. Once the floodwaters recede, all these contents should be repaired or replaced with new ones - putting a heavy burden on your finances. Emotionally, the floodwaters may damage sentimental items such as old photographs, trinkets, and recordings associated with people you love. It is virtually impossible to replace these things. Furthermore, water suddenly flooding into the house can provoke panic and fear in you and your family. If the floodwater stays in and around your property for too long, it could lead to permanent damage. However, this does not happen very often; it is just a small possibility.

Exposure to flood damage does not have to be the end of the world. If you act fast, SERVPRO of North Leon County can come in quickly and begin the cleanup and restoration process. For queries and emergencies, call us anytime at (850) 536-6599.

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Localized Blazes can Cause Fire Damage to Homes and Outbuildings in Tallahassee

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Localized Blazes can Cause Fire Damage to Homes and Outbuildings in Tallahassee Fires in garages and sheds are as likely as house fires. Prevent the start of a fire with SERVPRO and contact us after a fire for remediation.

Our Technicians Prevent Fires and Fire Damage By Taking Some Precautions

Although hurricanes leave our area saturated with water, fires can start anywhere in Tallahassee. Gas pipes and power lines do not fare well during a hurricane and fires can spread to nearby structures with ease. Firefighters and their trucks can find themselves delayed by flooding on streets and washed out bridges.
Unattended homes, garages, sheds, and pool houses can sustain extensive fire damage in Tallahassee even when saturated. However, SERVPRO technicians can restore homes and other structures after a fire and smoke ruins them. When gas is involved in a fire's ignition, saturation with water provides little protection for the structures located in the area. Restoration begins with removal of all the damage. Working with property owners, we continue the restoration work, matching trim, paint, and other ornamental details as closely as feasible to the original materials.
When fire claims garages and sheds, the risk of explosions increase because of the increased likelihood these buildings hold stored containers of gasoline, charcoal lighter fluid, or other accelerants. We can clean the area around these buildings after such events, and prepare the area so reconstructive work can proceed safely. Broken shards of glass, bent metal pieces, and wooden beams complete with protruding nails all pose severe safety hazards to anyone present.
Rebuilding sometimes requires demolition to pave the way for new structures, and we can assist with this step of the process. Rest assured, we always salvage everything of value to avoid any wastefulness, protecting our customers' interests as much as possible. We have a network of over 1700 other franchises which we rely on whenever a job requires extra-specialized attention. There is no job too complicated or complex for SERVPRO, especially when we work as a team, either locally or with other franchises. Being your neighbors, we know how Florida weather can affect families in the area and always treat our customers in the manner in which we would want our own family members treated.
At SERVPRO of North Leon County, our technicians know that the fire damage sustained by your home or outbuilding can keep you from using your property as you would like. Contacting us at (850) 536-6599, which we answer 24/7, is the first step in getting your property back under your control.

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Mold Damage Prevention and Cleanup Services in Tallahassee

9/6/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Prevention and Cleanup Services in Tallahassee You can help prevent mold damage in your home by reducing clutter and keeping air vents unblocked by household items and furniture.

Causes and prevention of mold damage

Mold can be damaging and cause health effects when it creeps into your property. Something every homeowner in Tallahassee should understand about mold is that it can thrive anywhere with oxygen, moisture, and organic material. It is particularly common in damp, humid areas such as showers, crawlspaces, and basements.

For mold damage remediation services in Tallahassee, contact SERVPRO immediately before the fungi grow out of control. We specialize in restoring any property that has sustained mold damage, helping you save money in the process. With many years of experience, our IICRC approved technicians can assess the extent of the damage and come up with feasible solutions on the spot.

Knowing how to prevent mold growth can go a long way towards controlling mold damage. Inspect your home for leaks or excess moisture, especially in areas that are highly prone to damage. Once you discover existing leaks, SERVPRO can come in and begin the remediation process. To prevent an allergic reaction when looking for mold, always wear a mask or respirator approved for work with mold spores. 

Mold damage remediation involves removing moldy debris from areas such as drywall, sub-flooring, and hard surfaces. SERVPRO technicians use commercial mold control products with different compositions to treat these materials and eradicate any surviving mold. We also have a stock of advanced mold control equipment ready to dispatch whenever needed.

A good way to prevent mold damage in the house is cutting back on your clutter. Sort your household clutter and then pare down your belongings. Clutter hinders air flow and affects how your HVAC system circulates air. Furniture and draperies blocking supply grilles promote condensation. This moisture accumulates and forms micro-climates within the structure, which in turn welcome and support mold growth. To be safe, declutter and get rid of things you no longer need or use. Pull furniture away from grilles and vents to facilitate air circulation.

Playing with the air conditioner during hot, humid summers can also contribute to mold damage. If you set the thermostat too low, cold surfaces develop that allow water vapor to condense. If you set it too high, the air conditioner fails to dehumidify the air effectively. A general rule of thumb is to set the thermostat at 78 degrees F to prevent moisture problems.

Mold growth in the house is unsightly and may cause health effects. If you suspect the presence of mold damage in your Tallahassee home, SERVPRO of North Leon County can help get it under control. We are locally based and offer emergency mold remediation services for the Centerville, Tallahassee and nearby communities. For any assistance, call us today at (850) 536-6599!

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