Recent Before & After Photos

Conference Center In Tallahassee Suffers Water Damage

Florida State University is located close to this water damaged conference center in Tallahassee. A water supply line running above the drop-ceiling ruptured an... READ MORE

Mold Patches in a Tallahassee Home

The mold growth depicted in the Before Photo was caused by a moisture problem in this Tallahassee house. The drain line from the washing machine released water ... READ MORE

Tallahassee Storm Damage

The rainwater from the storm in Tallahassee badly damaged the ceiling and wetted the flat roof of this home. SERVPRO applied structural drying team members quic... READ MORE

Tallahassee Water Intrusion Causes Floor Damage

The water leaked in after a storm and covered the carpeted living room in this Tallahassee home with about an inch of water. The key to mitigating water damage ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Tallahassee Home

Fire damage at this Tallahassee home began in the kitchen but had an impact on virtually every room in the house. There was water damage everywhere from the fir... READ MORE

Commercial water damage – Tallahassee Conference Center

Commercial water damage at this Tallahassee Conference Center occurred when a main water line ruptured during the night. The before photo shows just how much st... READ MORE

Water Damage – Tallahassee Kitchen

A dishwasher leaking caused water damage to this Tallahassee kitchen. The entire kitchen was flooded. The lower cabinets were destroyed and required replacing. ... READ MORE

Tree Falls on Roof in Tallahassee Florida

This home suffered severe structural and water damage as a result of a fallen tree. SERVPRO of N. Leon County responded quickly to tarp the roof and start the r... READ MORE

Fire Damage Tallahassee Florida

Fire damage in Tallahassee brings with it a plethora of secondary damages, which sometimes do more harm than the fire. These photos show fire extinguisher clean... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Tallahassee Home

Mold damage on the wall of this Tallahassee home was a result of a leaking pipe behind the wall, and a large piece of furniture concealing the damage. The homeo... READ MORE