Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage to Commercial Building

Fire Damage- smoke, soot and structure hazards.

After the fire, smoke and soot can travel throughout the building. Our team is highly skilled in examining the damages, both seen and unseen.

burned ceiling, debris on countertops and blackened cupboard

Tallahassee Cleanup Post-Kitchen Fire

The scorched and charred kitchen in this Tallahassee area home needed fast cleanup to mitigate the water and smoke damage. The debris also represented a safety hazard, along with the noxious odors lingering in the rooms. SERVPRO crews can start to discard the debris as air cleaning equipment is set up. We work to mitigate the fire damage.

Fire Damage – Centerville Business

Fire damage developed at this Centerville business when an electrical fire began in a clothes dryer. The manager of the business reacted quickly and extinguished the fire which limited the fire damage, but there was still a great deal of soot and smoke damage to clean up. SERVPRO of North Leon County has a lot of experience in fire damage events such as this. Our industry certified technicians are ready to be dispatched when you call.

Commercial Fire Restoration In Tallahassee

Our team was contacted by The Kearney Center regarding a fire that occurred in the laundry area due to arson. Not only did our team have to deal with fire damage due to the sprinkler system we had to remove water as well. As soon as our staff received the call, we dispatched our crew, and they arrived at the property quickly. Using state-of-the-art equipment we were able to restore this property to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage – Tallahassee Kitchen

Fire Damage in this Tallahassee kitchen began on the stove. The photo shows the hood of the stove and the cabinetry charred by the fire damage. When someone experiences a fire such as this, they would be wise to contact a professional such as SERVPRO of North Leon County. We are ready to respond on an immediate basis with the latest fire cleanup and restoration equipment. Our crews are highly trained and very experienced. They are equipped to handle odor removal and thorough cleaning of upholstery and carpeting.

Kitchen Fire in Tallahassee

The grease in the hood flared up, with no foam fire-extinguisher under the sink, and scorched the range, cabinets, and the ceiling. Demolition and smoke odor abatement are two key issues that SERVPRO FST technicians are qualified to grapple with and restore a safe environment.

Apartment Fire Damage in Tallahassee

The gas grill on the balcony of this unit in Tallahassee lit up the wooden structure causing significant damage. SERVPRO was called in to clean up the damaged units and remove the smoke residues and odors. We work well with management and insurance companies to expedite the urgent services needed.

Burnt Garage in Tallahassee

This garage in Tallahassee suffered severe fire damage when oily rags piled up in a corner combusted. It spread rapidly to improperly stored flammable chemicals. Unfortunately, the blaze spread to the kitchen, also. SERVPRO techs started the clean up as soon as the okay was received from the fire marshall.

Fire Damage - Bradfordville Garage

Fire damage virtually destroyed this Bradfordville garage. If you guessed that there was a gasoline container in the garage, you would be correct. There were also greasy rags on the garage floor along with oil and grease. It just took a cigarette but to begin the disaster.

Fire Damage – Tallahassee

Fire damage restoration in Tallahassee and elsewhere has come a long way. No longer do we just hand wash soot and smoke damaged items from a fire. Pictured is a state of the art ultrasonic workstation. We are able to restore a much greater percentage of damaged items with this process.