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Is it Safe to Drink? How to Know If Your Water Is Contaminated

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

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Is it Safe to Drink? 7 Signs Your Water Is Contaminated

Are you drinking contaminated water? There are some sure tell-tale signs that your water is not safe to consume and it's important to know what they are.

You should feel safe in your own home, and that includes having safe water to drink. 

In any given year, around 8 percent of water utilities report a contamination violation. You could be drinking contaminated water and not know it. 

Are you worried about the water quality in your home? Keep reading to know how to tell if your water is contaminated or not.

Safe Water Is Clear Water

One tell-tale sign of unsafe drinking water is if it's not clear. This includes cloudy water, discolored water, or water that has sediment floating in it.

Cloudy or discolored water can come from bad pipes. Water with sediments can come from nearby bodies of water.

Signs of Contaminated Water: Storms and Flooding

There are ways to predict contaminated water. If you've had storms or flooding in your area, keep an eye out for unusual water. 

Storms and flooding can flush contaminants into groundwater and compromise your safe water. In this case, you'll need to call a water restoration service to fix the water in your home.


Living on or near a farm can have negative effects on your water. Even a consistently fertilized lawn or garden can cause your water to become unsafe. 

If you fall into these categories, keep an eye on your water. Fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste can seep into groundwater and contaminate your home's water.

Broken Sewer Lines

Sewer line leaks can cause a lot of harmful chemicals to enter the groundwater. If your community notifies you of a sewage leak, keep a careful eye on your water whether you're drinking it or using it to shower or wash your hands. 

Sewage backups can also cause water contamination. If one of your spigots or toilets shows signs of a sewage backup, try not to drink tap water until the problem is fixed.

Faulty Construction Work

Construction work usually requires digging underground and connecting water main lines. If a water main near you is broken during construction, it can mean bad news.

The chemicals and other microorganisms in the soil around the break can enter the water main and contaminate your home's water.

Bad Odor

To always be safe, make sure you take note of any unusual smells from your water. If you notice that it smells different, it's likely contaminated because of the above reasons. 

If it smells like a public pool, a sulfur spring, or like gasoline, that's a big red flag.

Bad Taste

Tap water shouldn't have much of a taste. If you notice a metallic or chemical-like taste, steer clear.

Bad taste is a sign that contaminants are in your water.

Stay Safe

Now you know how to tell the difference between safe water and contaminated water. Keep an eye out for these signs to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

If you do have contaminated water, SERVPRO is here to help. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll make sure you have safe water to drink, bathe in, and clean with.

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